Promotional Marketing Ideas Lead to Success for the Financial Services Industry!

The term “financial services” covers a lot of ground. The financial services industry includes many companies and organizations involved in the management of money. Among them are accounting firms, credit unions, investment advisers, insurance companies, tax preparation firms and dozens of other types of businesses.

As in any other industry, financial services businesses succeed and thrive by building awareness of their company name and reputation, gaining new customers and adding business from existing customers. Financial services firms need to embrace promotional marketing just as other businesses do. If you doubt that, name some companies in this industry that pop into your head? Chances are, you know those names from their marketing efforts.

7  Promotional Products Proven to Work for Financial Services

The themes and creative approaches can be as different as the companies want them to be; some choose quiet and sophisticated tactics, while others are more aggressive and competitive. But I’ve put together a list of promotional marketing products that many successful industry members have relied upon to build their brands and their client lists.

  1. Retractable Banners

These are versatile tools, indeed. Lightweight, and perfect for indoor or outdoor applications, in lobbies, reception areas or conference rooms. They are easily transported, and as easy to set up as pulling down a shade! A go-to for corporate brand visibility at events and trainings, and an eye-catching way to promote new programs.

  1. Micro Geometrix with Standard Table Throw

This is super-easy to work with and you can carry it and use it almost anywhere. It turns a plain “trade show table” into an arresting, multi-dimensional display. The pop-up structure accommodates interchangeable graphics and presents them with a dramatic flair. The table throw covers the table completely, and offers several imprint options.

  1. Deluxe Geometrix

Show that your financial services offerings are top tier with this full-size, stand-alone presence. It’s easy to engage passers-by once they are stopped by the pre-installed graphic panels and rich, double-knit fabric with your logo and/or message imprinted. Set-up is quick and simple. The benefits for your company are long and lasting.

4. Banners and Flags

There’s no limit to what hanging flags and banners can accomplish—just use your imagination! Made of vinyl or fabric, they can line pathways or show directions. With your full-color graphics on one or both sides, they can reinforce your brand, present your offerings, trumpet your tag lines and help make your name and unique benefits memorable. They help keep your people proud and performing, too.

5. Sign Displays

Sign displays can do plenty of talking for you. Assembled in minutes and anchored in a sturdy base, they provide strong interior messaging and an extra boost at point-of-purchase for many businesses. Put your best services or most compelling message out where no one can miss it.

It’s a valuable too, whether it carries a strong competitive claim, a terrific rate or offer, or a resonant piece of wisdom that will make your business “stick” in their minds.

  1. Sail Signs

Sail signs are some of the most popular promotional marketing products trending today. They are attracting attention from marketers because they attract attention from potential customers passing by. Many shapes, styles and sizes are available, with full-color graphics on one or both sides. Sturdy composite poles hold fabric firmly as it flaps, shimmers or dances in the wind, grabbing eyeballs that frequently turn into customers!

  1. Ground and Floor Hugger Mats

Today, people (especially in a hurry) keep their heads down and keep moving. But that doesn’t mean they won’t get your message, if you’re smart enough to place it right at their feet.

Floor Hugger mats are nylon carpet treated for stain resistance to deliver long-lasting color indoors. Ground Hugger mats are quality nitrile rubber—resist chemicals and UV rays so the great looks last, even outdoors. Put them at the entrance to your business or in your booth at the trade show.

The Bottom Line—Promotional Marketing Matters in Financial Services

These seven special promotional marketing products have been a great help to plenty of industries. But most professionals in the financial services industry look for specifics. I hear you. In my next post, I will cover how those in the financial services industries can use these promotional marketing products to their advantage.

For almost 100 years we have been helping businesses like yours increase sales. Contact Superior today or reach out to one of our winning promotional marketing sales reps and ask for price quotes on these promotional marketing items that will work for your financial services business.

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