The Best Custom Label Provider Will Help Protect Your Business

For consumers, a label only has two jobs: attract their attention and provide the information they need to purchase and use the product. But when you run a business, it’s more complicated than that. Your customized business labels must meet far more rigorous standards.

That means that you are wise to impose equally demanding standards on your custom label provider. Labels may not seem like the “sexy” part of your operation, but they have a lot to do with your overall success, and how smoothly and efficiently your business day runs.

A Label is a Label…Until It Isn’t

Quick, what do your hot water heater, the package you just got from Amazon and the orange juice you bought at the supermarket yesterday have in common? Right—all have labels. And in each case, that label was critical to that product finding its way to you and delivering the benefits it was designed to.

The sheer number of different custom label types and applications used across the broad spectrum of industries is hard to get your head around. But if your business is to achieve maximum success, you’d better find a label provider who has no trouble doing just that.

Finding a Label Provider You Can Stick With

Some providers print labels simply because printing things is what they do. Just some kind of ink on some kind of paper, right? If you meet that provider, label that meeting “over.”

What you want is a label provider who truly understands everything about labels, from the conditions they might have to endure to the legal standards they may need to meet for government agencies.

I’d like to use today’s post to help you find a provider you can count on. So I’ve identified seven skills and capabilities I believe a label provider should offer to earn your business.

7 Critical Things to Look for in a Custom Label Provider

  1. A Background in the Printing Industry

It’s great to have an experienced printer in the mix. Broad printing experience matters. But that printer should also be well versed in printing labels. The diverse label applications, the materials involved and related compliance issues can make them quite different from printing a brochure or order form.

  1. Knowledge of Labels Across Many Industries

Especially yours, of course. But choose a label provider who understands the diverse ways labels are used in the food and beverage industries, healthcare, retail, warehousing and industrial, marketing and more. From distribution facilities to distilleries, labels are critical.

  1. Label Expertise That’s Something “Special”

Specialty labels are quite common, and your provider should be comfortable with:

  1. Design Capabilities to Enhance Your Labels

You’re a businessperson, not an artist. So your provider should offer, either from an on-staff capability or a coordinated outside resource, assistance in designing your label. Not only does this give you an extra creative resource in the project, it helps the label perform its best to provide maximum benefit to your business.

  1. ISO Certification to Boost Your Confidence

Labels must be designed and printed to exacting standards in order to perform. That might mean withstanding temperature extremes or rough handling. Or maintaining integrity over time to provide service references or government-mandated traceability. ISO certification is an indication your provider uses proven, repeatable processes to deliver quality customer experiences every time. If your provider doesn’t have it, keep looking.

  1. Estimates in (Almost) No Time

The best labels don’t do you much good if you can’t get them in time. Make sure your provider has a good system in place, providing estimates quickly so you can get the printing process started right away.

  1. People!

A provider’s background, and experience is important. But your label needs aren’t met by paragraphs on a page. Make sure your label provider has a solid staff of people to provide help when you need it. Sales reps who can help assess your needs. A technical support staff who can use their expertise in all industries to help find the best possible label solutions for you.

Get All Seven. Get Superior.

If you’re looking for the best custom label producer, you should know that Superior Business Solutions checks all the boxes. We are ISO certified. And we’ve been helping businesses run more efficiently for nearly 100 years, meeting their custom label and other printing needs. And we have over 2,000 verified resources with expertise in every possible custom label solution.

We’ve earned four consecutive Best of Print and Digital awards based on the comments of our customers. And once we’ve handled your custom label project, we trust you’ll understand why. Contact us to get started on your label design today.


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