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Agriculture and Food Industry Cuts Costs and Grows Sales with Custom Labels

Custom Labels Loom Large When Cutting Costs in Agriculture and Food Industry – Part 1 of 2

Are you an agriculture or food industry executive? Here’s how to cut costs and grow sales with custom labels.

If you do business in agriculture or the food industry, you know that margins can be pretty thin. As we all do, you spend plenty of time figuring out how to maximize profits, either by increasing your sales or reducing your costs. But here’s the good news, some very significant savings are available in places you might not even be looking.

Custom labels can certainly seem like a commodity. But if you think that means there’s little or no difference in products, services and costs from one provider to another, you’ve got another label coming.

Commodities Mean Opportunities

In agriculture, and in the growing, processing and distribution of food products, companies typically buy and use labels by the thousands. But that doesn’t mean you should dismiss them as fixed expense and forget about them. In fact, custom labels represent a great opportunity to not only reduce your costs, but streamline your system to improve your accuracy and operational efficiency.

You owe it to your business to check into our Commodity Management Solutions (CMS). Superior Business Solutions offers several technologies that can help organizations of all sizes manage the entire process, from the ordering of labels, management of label inventory, and the efficient distribution of labels upon printing.

Our CMS technology captures label and tag data, allowing for a timely and accurate analysis of procurement, utilization, and label consumption. This allows you to fine-tune existing processes, streamlining them in a single facility situation, and implementing them system-wide in enterprises with facilities in multiple locations across the country or the world. How, exactly?

Cut Costs with Corporate Kiosk

Once data is captured and analyzed, your food or agricultural enterprise can use the information to put our proprietary Corporate Kiosk™ technology into place. With it, you can:

  • Consolidate the procurement of like items across the enterprise.
  • Eliminate cost discrepancies that can occur with redundant ordering responsibilities.
  • Reduce administrative and opportunity costs by freeing up employees to concentrate on their primary responsibilities.
  • Manage inventory and warehousing more effectively through on-demand ordering and fulfillment.

The net result of all these things come down to two key benefits: controlling spend, and streamlining your entire label printing operation. And of course, one key question: why wouldn’t you?

Start Growing Sales With Us Today

In my next post, I’ll get into some specific ways that those in the food and agricultural industries in particular can benefit from examining and refining their custom label practices. But why wait? The time to save is always now. Call me or contact me here for a brief discussion about your print supply chain; we’ll figure out how to keep what’s right with it and improve what’s lacking.

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