When Invoice Processing Goes Wrong

When Invoice Processing Goes Wrong, The Cost to Your Business is High

Whether the invoice processing is completed internally or externally, you expect every invoice to be prepared, and delivered via USPS, fax or email with trackable results. If a customer calls and says, “My invoice hasn’t arrived yet,” it’s time to review your current statement processing solution.

Measure The Effectiveness of Your Current Statement Processing System

The Checks & Balances below that our partners at Digital Data Centers (DDC) have prepared for you below, are a great way to measure the effectiveness of your current statement processing system. If any boxes are left blank with your current statement processing service, it’s time to read on.

Measure The Effectiveness of Your Current Statement Processing System

Security Matters with Invoice Processing

I’m just going to focus on the first question in the Checks & Balances to the left as this is a key feature that we provide through our partners at DDC to ensure accuracy every time.

When mistakes happen, it costs you new business, revenue collections or loss of a customer. How do these issues get fixed and never happen again?


Not every service provider has security nor do they provide the level of security directly on the invoice or statement. We do.

Take a moment to review the invoice pictured below. You’ll see 3 boxes in red. Inside those red outlined boxes are 3 forms of security or bar codes.

The 2 small square bar codes located at the top & bottom of the invoice/statement is a way to double verify the number of pages are correctly inserted & sent. It also confirms the right information is sent to the right person listed on the invoice/statement.

The long bar code, or the IMB Mail Tracking Code, allows for near real-time mail tracking. We can report tracking of the mail through the time it’s going out.

Let’s Check Off The Rest of The Items

Okay security is just the first item on our statement processing checklist. If you’d like to discuss any of the other areas that you did not check off, now’s the time to give us a call. You’ll never have another incident.

When Invoice Processing Goes Wrong

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