It’s About the Process, Not the Price

“It’s about the process,” is a phrase I hear a lot around here, but what exactly does it mean other than a catchall for the way things are done? Well, actually, at Superior Business Solutions a lot of thought goes into the process, because it’s the process that is the most crucial aspect to achieving your business goals.

Why You Should Stop Buying Print On PriceTime is money almost as much as money is money. Be it labels, a direct mail piece, sales literature, or whatever facet of business is taking up your work hours; your process determines the length and efficiency of the path to your goal and can save money.

So trust me when I say that time (therefore, money) is wasted searching all possible corridors of the Internet for the lowest print price. Who doesn’t say they have the lowest price? It seems like everyone is just selling price instead of a true solution to your print commodity management problems. And that solution is process.

It’s time to create a process for commodity management of print.

Here’s Our Process. It’s Called Corporate Kiosk.

Innovation leads to technologies that can save your business time and money and here at Superior Business Solutions, our Corporate Kiosk is king. What is it? Corporate Kiosk is an on-demand customizable e-store designed to simplify your print process.

Corporate Kiosk tracks inventory and provides approved re-order points. It communicates with the buyer, the location, plant or distribution center, and our customer service department simultaneously.

Corporate Kiosk’s other capabilities include:

  • Robust capabilities allow for a centralized procurement portal with individual location/user experience
  • Order friendly system (as easy as Amazon)
  • Integrates with major operating systems (SAP, Oracle, etc.)
  • All of your print, promotional products and apparel on one order portal
  • Permissions based with flexibility for multiple groups
  • Integrated Digital Asset Library available for approved image storage

Trust Us To Know About Process

When it comes to print, trust us to know a thing or two about the process. We’re specialists, and we are always glad to work with you. We want to help you put in place a process to save time and procure print effectively. Could this work for you? Let’s talk. Contact us HERE or call us toll free at 800.968.1416.

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