For a Great Golf Outing, Better Get On the Ball!

That pretty much sums up the point of today’s post. Almost every business person I know is fond of golf outings and looks forward to participating in a few every year. Better still, nearly all the organizations whom we have assisted in hosting a golf outing or tournament are glad they did. It has helped build their business, and more importantly, their relationships with clients and prospects.

But many companies are hesitant to host one because the details of doing it can be daunting. Well, there is a lot to consider, and without the right guidance, it can be a challenge. But you’ve GOT the right guidance in Superior’s 2019 Golf Tournament Planning Guide. Let’s look at some of the important areas this FREE golf outing planning checklist will help you with.

Giving Your Golf Outing a Great Start

To sponsor a successful golf outing, you don’t need to know everything, but you need to think about the right things at the right time. You need a checklist of sorts right? That’s what our golf planning guide lays out for you. In it, you’ll get help with these important decisions:

  • What is the Goal of Your Golf Outing?

There are many great reasons for your company or group to hold a golf outing. It can be a strong prospecting tool, a wonderful “thank-you” gesture to employees and clients, or an excellent vehicle for fund-raising. You might make different decisions depending upon your overall objectives.

  • When and Where to Hold Your Outing

Where will you host your tournament? What type of course will be the best fit, and the most accommodating? Will it be a “scramble” or some other format? Which course professional will be the most helpful? Will early, late, or mid-golf-season be best? The guide offers helpful tips.

  • Working Out Sponsorships

To generate as much financial support as possible, you will probably want to find other companies to take part in and provide money or in-kind merchandise. This helps defray your expenses, adds value for your participants, and broadens marketing support for your event. The guide will give you plenty of ideas.

  • Determining Gifts, Prizes and Contests

All are beloved, expected parts of golf outings. You need to figure out what gifts to include in golfers’ welcome packages. Some will probably come from your budget, others from participating sponsors. You also need to determine what on-course competitions you will provide, such as closest-to-the-pin and longest drive holes, and what prizes you will award to the winners. And what will you give to the groups with the lowest scores?

This is one area where the 2019 Golf Outing Planning Guide can help the most, providing ideas, resources and much more.

  • Details, Details, Details

They can seem endless. But the guide provides an extremely helpful timeline to make sure you don’t miss any of those details. It offers a checklist of things to attend to and when. It starts with items to deal with a year or more before the outing date. Key issues are addressed by lead time. Thus you will be reminded what to do at 9-10 months prior, then 7-8 months, and so on. Our 2019 golf outing checklist will become your best friend, so why not download it now?

Two Final Tips for a Tee-rific Event

The first one is a general suggestion: HAVE FUN! When things are handled properly, you should be able to have a good time at the event, too. It involves lots of people important to you and your organization, all having an enjoyable, memorable experience. You deserve one, too. And your guests will have a better time if they see you doing the same.

Second tip? After you download the guide at one of the links above, contact us. Superior Business Solutions has helped businesses operate more efficiently for nearly 100 years now, and we will use the skills, systems and experience we’ve developed to help you. (Our ISO certification ensures that we will.) And our customers confirm that we do. Their feedback has earned us three consecutive Best of Print and Digital awards.

You’re probably still cringing from the last headline, so I won’t end with a golf joke. But we are very serious about helping you make your golf outing and all your other marketing and promotional efforts succeed. Bring your expectations here. We meet and exceed them for clients on a daily basis.

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