Why Eco-Friendly Matters to Your Customers in Today’s Marketplace

Leaves Icon Computer Key In Green Showing Recycling And Eco FriendlyThe last few years have brought about a huge emergence of digital and printing technologies and strategies to help enterprises increase customer awareness. But there has also been an unparalleled increase in the awareness of eco-friendly concerns and practices in almost every industry.

Many people are worried about the future health of our planet, and rightfully so. This can cause consumers to cast suspicion on many industries including the print and paper industry. It’s become increasingly important to put your customers at ease by showing an equal, and genuine concern about eco-friendly matters.

Creating Peace of Mind and Loyalty in Customer’s Minds

Advertising that your business is actively engaged in eco-friendly improvements and showing your community just how you’re doing that is fantastic for public image, but it works two ways.

Studies have proven that if your company fails to show that eco-friendly practices matter, it can actually be detrimental to your brand. Over 90% of respondents in this ‘green supply chains’ survey “said they would consider changing their purchasing habits based on announcements of greener supply chains.” One way or another.

In a way customers are “voting” with their dollars aren’t they? As one interviewed customer puts it: “Every dollar we spend is a vote, and by spending it on a business with sustainably practices, I get to support them.” But the concerns about eco-friendly awareness and practices on the corporate level are more complicated than just making green announcements. You have to be ready to do something about it, even if they are small changes…especially if they are small changes.

Making Small Changes

Many customers feel that companies are ready to advertise that they are “going green,” but are unwilling to actually put that to practice in everyday life. Here are some small changes to act as a springboard for more ideas. These are solutions that companies sometimes miss. Customers can become a part of these solutions through social media and blogging. It’s another great way to expand your community and be more interactive with customers who care.

As a business, (whether B2B or B2C) think about eco-friendly strategies like:

  • Encouraging customers and employees to recycle frequently and having the means to do so within the company-owned premise.
  • Having plants around the office. This can also increase air health and improve overall mood.
  • Taking measures to reduce waste and paper scrap in the supply chain.
  • Using these eco-friendly print solutions, like the Duplex shipping label to reduce paper use.
  • Initiating eco-centric conversations and asking customers to provide comments, questions, and concerns. You customers can be a part of the solution.

Don’t Just Announce. Engage!

Showing that you are prepared to engage in the eco-friendly concerns of today can go a long way to creating an atmosphere of trust and loyalty among your customers, clients, and even within your work environment. Customers do care. But it can’t just be for show either. Whether your target audience cares or not, Superior Business Solutions believes that cultivating an eco-friendly work environment matters both in today’s marketplace and in tomorrow’s.

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