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The future of shipping has arrived, and it’s an eco-friendly solution that will help us create a more sustainable printing industry than ever before. As we said in our last post, the paper and print industries are more sustainable than many people believe, but things can always be improved, and here are some printing and label options that will take us one step closer to an eco-friendly business place and a greener world.  

The Capabilities Of Eco-Friendly Labels

1. Two-Sided (Duplex) Thermal Label: This simple solution is a combination of the shipping and return label and the packing slip and invoice all on one double-sided label. The Duplex shipping label has many advantages that go beyond the sustainable. It not only makes things easier by eliminating the expensive and labor intensive “packing list enclosed” pouch, it also ensures that the packing slip cannot be lost since it is part of the shipping label itself.duplexpack

And the eco-friendly part? The Duplex label is created with one two-sided printer, verses two printers, which saves energy and time. It also demands fewer consumables in order to ship boxes. You don’t need a separate shipping label, a plastic pouch, or the packing list. That’s a lot of saved resources and paper…not to mention it costs less.

2. Linerless Label: The linerless labels are drawn from a self-adhesive band just like adhesive tape. They can be cut to the desired length at the moment of application, which makes them ideal for almost any surface uses (boxes, parcels, bundles, etc.). It also makes them useful for a scrap-less environment; in fact, linerless labels are heralded as the “zero label waste” labeling system. On top of these advantages, linerless labels reduce the freight costs as well as packaging and inventory costs by using less material. And label roll changes are made easier than ever with the label application system.

3. Recycled Labels and Stickers: Finally, there’s an eco-friendly solution for stickers and labels by using recycled fiber content. By using 100% PCW (post consumer waste) label paper, companies can further the sustainability of the paper and print industry. PCW recycled material that is processed chlorine free has fantastic ramifications for the eco-friendly enterprise. PCW label products can be printed on laser or inkjet printers for professional quality that is also completely sustainable at the same time.

How Do You Green Your Printing?

Here at Superior Business Solutions, we are conscious of the environment we live in, and we seek to use the most sustainable options for print and paper. What are your eco-friendly print ideas? We’d love for you to join the discussion and show us your solutions.

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