Lights, Camera…SALES

Why is direct mail surging in popularity right now? Well, see if this sounds familiar.

Your alarm goes off. After the mandatory 15-minute “snooze” you get up, get ready, and go to work. In your home office, that is, or whatever is serving as one at the moment.

Log on to the computer, and BOOM. You are bombarded with digital messages, some relevant, most not. From spam to sales emails, social media ads, and yup, even texts on that smartphone that is always by your side.

And it continues all day.

You are eager to find reasons to escape that onslaught. Like getting more coffee. A snack. Or best of all,  “let’s go see if the mail is here!”

Direct Mail a Welcome Diversion

Hopefully, there’s a piece of direct mail in there.

Direct mail is personal. Someone went to the time, trouble, and expense of creating this physical piece or packet and putting it into your hands. (You weren’t just another email address to throw on some not-very-discriminating list.)

It’s interesting and colorful…and you can hold it in your hands. No clicking or scrolling…just reading and enjoying.

So direct mail is already more appealing than electronic messaging.

But want to know how to make it even better?

Engagement is Off the Charts When You Add Video

To make your direct mail piece even more involving for the recipient, just add video!

There are many ways to incorporate video screens of all sizes into a promotional direct mail kit.

Your video presentation can appear on a large, magazine-ad-sized screen or one small enough to fit on a business card.

It’s like adding an involving TV commercial or YouTube presentation to your mailer.

Just imagine the ways to use this technology!

Video Makes Direct Mail a Marketing Masterpiece

Here are just seven of the many ways that by including a video, you can make your direct mail piece work even harder for your business.

  1. “About Us” Videos

Simple write-ups are fine, but a video can better tell your story and introduce your business to prospects, investors, the media, and other key target audiences.

Video can capture a flavor or personality that just might be the crowning touch to your direct mail messaging.

  1. Product Launches

There are few better ways to promote a new product launch or additional service offering. Instead of just writing about it, SHOW it in action! You can include stories of the people behind it or testimonials from early adopters.

  1. New Local Business

If you’re trying to let folks in the surrounding area know that you are opening a new retail or service business nearby, direct mail is the way to go. (Targeting by zip code and address is efficient and effective.)

But you can help get them informed and comfortable by adding a video to show them where you are and what they can expect.

It’s the best way to make your new business feel like an old friend quickly.

  1. Pre and Post Event Promotion

Whether you are holding or sponsoring a virtual or live event, participation is everything. And you can help build those numbers by sending out a direct mail piece that whets their appetite for what the event can mean to them.

Capture clips from scheduled speakers, videos of the setting, and a narration of the agenda that adds more excitement to the event.

After the event, a direct mail can reinforce contacts made at the event and reward participants with a recap of key moments.

This actually adds to the event’s perceived value and helps enhance the image of your company or organization for providing it.

  1. Recruiting Employees

This is a great one, especially during these “COVID” times.

Why not give prospective employees a glimpse inside your company? It will help give them a feel for your physical facilities and corporate culture – and a chance to “meet” key people.  This could also help you make better use of the time during in-person interview visits.

  1. Realtors

This one is a great idea any time, but especially during COVID. Put your “virtual tour” of a property listing on a card and send it to your key house-shopping clients.

Why wait for them to remember to go to your website amidst distractions?

Have the tour start when the card is opened!

A video direct mailer could spare you wasted appointments and move you closer to a sale.

  1. Just What the Doctor Ordered

Plenty of fun ideas for professional services, too.

If you are a pediatrician or pediatric dentist, how about a video that will appeal to kids and introduce them to you in a personal and fun way?  It will reduce anxiety for them and their parents about upcoming visits, and help those visits go more smoothly! (You’ll score points for being up-to-date and patient-focused, too.)

Endless Video Options

The list of ways to use videos in your direct mail is endless, and so are different packages in which to include them. They can be no thicker than a standard greeting card, or designed into elaborate and memorable 3D kits and packages.

We can help you decide on the best format for your purposes and the most creative design for your messaging. For ideas, check out some of the best options in video brochures.

Our Experience is a “Direct” Benefit

At Superior, we have nearly 100 years’ experience in helping businesses work more efficiently and effectively. And that embraces everything from the most traditional to the latest marketing ideas for print and promotional items. Direct mail is one of our sweet spots.

We recently earned our fifth consecutive Best of Print and Digital award through the ratings we received from our customers. And our ISO certification establishes customer service standards that few print partners could meet.

Contact Superior or your five-time, award-winning Superior sales rep and ask for help investing in direct mail marketing that works.

Your direct mail video may not win an Oscar, but it will help you win business. And that’s even better.

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