Your Choice of Inks Makes Custom Pens Even More Versatile

Last week I talked about the value of promotional marketing with custom pens and provided some great ideas on how to use them. Today, I thought I’d share a bit more information about the ink inside! It’s another way to help you decide which custom pen is the right choice for different situations.

While it may be obvious to choose custom pens based upon the style, design, intended use and other more obvious considerations, it’s also worth thinking about the kind of ink they use. But most of us are not ink experts. So, let’s take a look at the different inks available, and when each type is appropriate. Thanks to our friends at Hub Pen for helping us with the basics.

Custom Pens and Gel Ink

We’ve all enjoyed the bright and bold lines delivered by gel ink. In gel ink, the pigment is a water-based gel, so it glides across the paper. It provides a bolder, more opaque line than ballpoint ink, and can often be used on smooth, non-absorbent materials.

Gel ink is useful for many types of writing and illustrations. Check out our catalog of Hub Pen products below, and you’ll see the “gel ink” icon on many of them.

Custom Pens and Hybrid Ink

The hybrid ink offered by Hub Pen provides the proverbial “best of both worlds” from ballpoint and gel inks. It offers the smooth “gliding” feel of gel due to a premium tip design on the pen and the higher amount of ink laid down. But unlike some gel inks, it resists smearing and won’t bleed through the paper. Look for the “hybrid ink” icon on products in the Hub Pen catalog below.

Hub Pen’s MaxGlide® ink is the ultimate combination of benefits. It’s a patented hybrid ink recipe that provides the durability of ballpoint ink and a satisfying, ultra-smooth writing experience. It is designed to withstand low temperatures and outperforms most any standard inks. You’ll find this hybrid ink on the MaxGlide product pages in the catalog below.

Custom Pens and Anti-Fraud Ink

For many writing applications, security and long-term durability is essential. Hub Pen’s anti-fraud ink adheres to ISO12757-2 standards for ballpoint pens and refills. This means they’re tested for thier ability to resist ultraviolet rays, water, eraser, ethanol, bleaching, hydrochloric acid and ammonium hydroxide.

This black ink is vital in preventing document fraud. It becomes trapped in the paper, helping to prevent check “washing” and making it virtually impossible to erase or alter. This extra level of protection is extremely valuable for important documents. It’s fade-resistant, which helps prevent re-entries and adjustments after the fact. For ink that performs when document security is critical, look for the anti-fraud ink designation in the catalog below.

Many Choices in Promotional Marketing with Custom Pens

There is clearly a great opportunity for you to make a significant statement and impress your customers and prospects with custom pens. But with so many styles and designs available—not to mention inks—you might wonder how to choose. It can be a tough call. Unless you choose an easy call first!

For the best custom pens on the market, at reduced pricing and with just the right ink for your needs, contact Superior Business Solutions or reach out to one of our winning promotional product sales reps.

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