Printing Services Can Benefit Your Financial Institution by Enhancing Efficiency and Engaging Customers

For banks and other financial institutions, the proverbial “price of entry” is clearly accuracy. But beyond that, other things help determine success. I’m talking about process efficiency, customer service, and proactive marketing. An advanced and skilled printing services partner can make a remarkable difference in all those areas.

Thanks to our collaboration with Digital Data Centers, we can offer financial institutions secure statement and notification processing that does three important things. First, it streamlines the process to increase efficiency. Second, it improves the delivery speed and quality of customer-facing documents. Finally, it presents an excellent opportunity to market the institution’s full product range to the best prospects possible: its own customers. Let’s look closer:

  1. Improving Process Efficiency

The expertise and capabilities of advanced printing services matter in a variety of ways. They allow you to create both electronic and printed statements quickly, which helps reduce labor costs.

Printing services also help reduce operational costs. Advanced presorting ensures that postal specifications are considered and the lowest possible postage rate is achieved. Mail, email and web delivery of statements and notices is coordinated. Customers receive statements and notifications up to two days sooner, ultimately resulting in faster payment.

Best of all, this enhanced performance brings added security. Redundant Digital Data Centers facilities in Illinois and Arizona store all information. Twenty-four-hour monitoring ensures that optimum climate control and consistent power levels are maintained. Multiple sprinklers are ready to deliver fire suppression if needed. All that data lives safely with DDC. Customers view their data through your website, but it “lives” under a more-protected roof.

  1. Serving Customers Better

Customers want fast and complete access to their account information. With national distribution from multiple print and mail data centers, they receive mailed statements and other notices sooner—by up to two days. They can also receive it via account emails, or access it instantly on your website. A bank that appears “buttoned up” both impresses and reassures them.

Those same customers also appreciate an easy-to-read, user-friendly format on statements and other documentation. With the flexible and “on demand” printing capabilities of Superior Business Solutions, you can easily design (or redesign) statements to accomplish this.

In today’s digital environment, many customers only “know” the bank through its mailed and electronic communications. Therefore, to keep and grow these customers, you need to make sure that these communications are accurate, consistent and timely.

  1. Maximizing Marketing Opportunities

As I suggested above, maximizing the value of existing customers is the best path to revenue growth. That means cross-selling additional services to every customer. Studies have shown that it is less expensive to sell more products and services to existing customers than to convince new prospects to become customers.

Here’s the good news: you already have an excellent media channel through which to make that happen: your statements and notices. With Superior statement and notification processing, you can create statements with designated space tor special marketing messages promoting other critical services.

You can design statements in black and white or full-color. You can allocate space for from up to three advertisements. Your statements provide the perfect venue for such cross-promotion. Once you have impressed customers with your handling of statements and notification processing, what better place to suggest a deeper relationship?

Printing Services Benefits You Can Take to the Bank

Superior Business Solutions is proud to work with Digital Data Centers to provide these important printed and digital statement and notification services. After all, our reputation is worth protecting.

Our ISO certification serves as an extra assurance that Superior’s processes measure up to such critical demands. In addition, our second consecutive Best of Print and Digital award demonstrates we know our way around both areas, and understand how to satisfy customers. Contact Superior right now to experience the benefits of printing services for your banking institution.

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