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Top 10 Best Financial BlogsThis month on the blog, I thought we would highlight the finance industry so we compiled a list of 10 of the most useful and influential financial blogs out there. Needless to say, there’s loads of content out there, I hope this list is helpful in narrowing and focusing your daily reads to a more manageable helping.

Here Are The Top 10 Financial Blogs for Your Perusal

1. Real Time Economics

A Wall Street Journal blog covering global economics and finance, Real Time Economics is a great place to start and might just turn into one of your first-cup-of-the-morning reads. It’s wide-ranged and informative, but it’s also a lively read for both insiders of the financial industry and laypersons.

2. Freakonomics

A great blog and podcast (and book and movie) for anyone curious about the modern world and how it works, Freakonomics might look like a strictly layperson resource, but it gives insights into a world of finance that is useful for everyone. It’s also just plain fun to read!

3. Free Exchange

Free Exchange brings the reader a few of The Economist‘s leading economics reporters with a less formal tone and form. The conversation/debate aspect gives readers the most interesting financial arguments of the day. What’s even more interesting about this blog is that the posts are rendered nearly anonymous by only giving initials. Any guesses whose writing them?

4. Equitable Growth

This economics blogs is pretty much a one-man show by the name of Brad DeLong whose musings are brought to you several times a day on complex financial and economic topics. His behind-the-scenes interest in growth and equity tends toward the conversation starter side of issues, which is a great place to begin if you’re looking for a less biased digest.

5. The Next New Deal

Covering a broad range of topics from crisis, recession and recovery to Millennials, Mike Konczal’s blog is well written and well researched. He uses more contributors, which could be a good thing if you’re looking for more varied opinions than a blog like Equitable Growth, but The Next New Deal is generally a great place to go for daily financial reads.

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6. Planet Money

Open and relatively jargon-free, NPR’s financial blog is a space where econ professors and curious self-educators can come to learn. You’ll find yourself lost in this blog for hours, but don’t worry – when you resurface, you’ll be more knowledgeable than before you clicked on the link. Where else but here could you discover why milk is stored at the back of grocery stores?

7. Street Sweep

Street Sweep is a great financial blog to wake up with. They are the kings of intriguing article titles, so you’ll likely find yourself reading everything. And they’re content is just as compelling for their insight and research that generally lacks sensationalism or opinionated attacks.

8. Marginal Revolution

If you’re looking for something thoughtful and carefully open-minded to different sides of debate, look no further. Marginal Revolution is a simply laid out financial/economic blog that seeks to “take small steps toward a much better world.” Their openness and honesty is a great policy to have with that slogan beside their name. If you’ve had enough gloom and are looking for something more optimistic, look no further.

9. Deal Book

The New York Times is hard to beat, and they take their finance (and their coffee) very seriously. Assuming you’re up early enough to read it, this financial blog is the best way to digest the big topics before they get filtered through everything else.

10. Calculated Risk

While most of these blogs are in no particular order, Calculated Risk needed to be #10 because the site provides concise and very accessible summaries of all the key economic data and developments. This is the place for busy business people with a short commute and too much work. You won’t have to look in other places to find the information you need because the blog has a knack for recognizing which facts really matter.

What Did We Miss?

We hope you found this list helpful and edifying. Of course, with a topic like finance and economics, it’s impossible to advocate an entirely politically neutral post, but there’s some right and some left, and (we hope) a little for everyone in or interested in the financial industry. Still, if you feel we’ve missed some important financial blogs, let us know in the comments, and please feel free to give us your recommendations.

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