Having Issues with Your Critical Mission Labels?
Here’s How We Helped One Client Prevent Fraud!

Companies use custom labels in hundreds of ways; we’ve talked about that before. And one thing nearly every label must accomplish is consistency; presenting a common, recognizable brand or a specific graphic look.

But some labels have a second job that seems almost contradictory to the first: each label must be absolutely, indisputably unique.

In many different industries and applications, each label must carry a number or barcode that distinguishes it from every other label. This is critical, of course, for uses like inventory control, asset tags, parking permits, contest entries, and more.

An Experienced Partner Means Fewer Problems

Clearly, accuracy is critical to your business.

Preventing misuse, controlling access, and keeping track of valuable equipment is vital to your business.

Being able to track specific units or lots effectively is essential for medical equipment and materials.

The Produce Traceability Initiative calls for equally precise information in case of product recalls or contamination outbreaks.

These critical needs highlight the reasons to work only with a highly experienced label provider like Superior. Our unequaled roster of proven vendors allows us to choose capabilities and expertise that are a perfect match for your label needs. Our experienced people understand your unique situations and the kinds of labels you require.

A variety of different barcode formats are available.

If the situations require weatherproof labels with barcodes or consecutive numbering, our industry-best sources handle that demand smoothly. Variable data technology ensures perfect customization so the labels look great, and deliver the required logistic performance.


Custom Labels that Solve Problems…Like Fraud!

No two circumstances are exactly the same, but fraud can account for businesses losing up to 5% of their annual revenue. We are here to help you hold onto that revenue.

For one example, a state university system was experiencing fraud and misuse of its parking permits. That type of fraud typically includes photocopied permits or hangtags left “accidentally” facing the wrong way.

In that case, our excellent label source was able to provide durable two-sided parking permits with barcode and backside printing. This delivered better identification capabilities and tighter inventory control. And they were provided on an extremely short production schedule.

The Superior Way to Avoid Label Problems

Superior has been helping businesses work more efficiently for nearly 100 years.

We’ve been able to provide advanced technologies and unmatched customer service, whether the need is for labels, print projects, or promotional items.

Our ISO certification ensures that we deliver that level of service on a consistent basis. And our customers appreciate it. Thanks to their positive reviews, we’ve earned Best of Print & Digital awards for five consecutive years.

Reach out to Superior, or one of our sales reps—the ones who deliver that award-winning customer service. You’ll find contact information in the menus at the top of this page.

You may not need Superior for barcoded parking permits. But it’s clearly the place to park your printing and promotional product needs whatever they are.

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