Seeking PPE For Your Business? We’ve Got Your Back

If yours is one of the many businesses feeling stress right now, you know that a solid supply of personal protection equipment (PPE) will take away some of that uncertainty. I have more to tell you, but let me cut to the chase: here’s where to shop for PPE essentials for your business right now.

I’m proud to say that Superior has been at the forefront of providing critical PPE and other supplies that have helped essential businesses keep providing vital services. Our efforts are also helping many other businesses ramp back up to operation as restrictions ease.

You’ve probably heard the term “pivot” a lot as businesses have changed production lines or shifted to making products needed to fight COVID-19. We’ve done that, and have even been mentioned in the news and publicly praised by our home state governor as a result.

What PPE is Available?

The two most in-demand items needed for protecting employees, customers, and others from the spread of the novel coronavirus are masks and sanitizer. If you’ve worked with us before, you know that meeting business needs is our specialty. So check out this list!

  1. KN95 Face Masks

KN95 Face Masks Wholesale
High-filtration efficiency with a 4-ply protection system and low breathing resistance, Folds flat for easy storage and comes with an adjustable nose clip. FDA and CE certified. Sold in cases of 1,000 masks.

  1. 3-ply FDA and CE-certified Face Masks

3-ply fda and ce certified face masks wholesaleAn excellent mask for personal use in a wide variety of industries. Perfect for protecting your employees or making available to customers (who will thank you for it).  Sold in cases of 2,000 masks.

  1. Gallon Liquid Sanitizer Alcohol Antiseptic 80%

_gallon Liquid Sanitizer Alcohol Antiseptic 80%Effective, with a reassuring 80% alcohol content. Versatile, so it works for factories, businesses, and even at home. It’s hand sanitizer, but it’s perfect for surfaces, too. That’s because it’s a liquid, not a gel, and can be sprayed – and it dries quickly.  Gallon jug may be used to refill smaller dispensing units. Hand pump is not included. Available only in full cases, with four 1-gallon jugs per case.

  1. Hand Sanitizer Spray 80% Alcohol

_Hand Sanitizer Spray 80% AlcoholIntended for personal use, and ready to help in countless situations in a home or business. Antiseptic to help reduce bacteria that can cause disease.  Available in two sizes:

  • 4-oz. spray bottles, 12 bottles per case
  • 12-oz. bottles, with 12 bottles and 4 spray pumps per case
  1. Gel Hand Sanitizer

gallon Gel Hand Sanitizer with pump 70% AlcoholBig one-gallon jug of sanitizer GEL with pump. It comes through with protection in many applications in almost every industry. The gel contains 70% alcohol for virus-killing power. May be used to refill smaller dispensing units. Four one-gallon jugs per case, with a one-case minimum order.

  1. Gel Hand Sanitizer 75% Alcohol

Gel Hand Sanitizer 75% AlcoholI mentioned in a post last week that the CDC recommends at least 62% alcohol in a sanitizer. This one blows that number away. These portable, personal-use 2-oz. bottles are great travel partners; think purses, briefcases, backpacks, and your car’s console. I can’t think of anyone who wouldn’t appreciate you for providing one. Sold in cases of 200, with a one-case minimum order.

As you can see, we’ve got the things you need in stock and ready to supply to you. Oh, and if you need bigger quantities, we have sanitizer available in 275 or 330 gallon totes with metal cage, not to mention tanker-truck sized shipments.

best of print and digital winner

Why Superior, and Why Now?

Well, remember when I talked about “pivoting” earlier? I don’t really think that’s what we did. Because for nearly 100 years, our main “job” has been helping businesses operate more efficiently and meeting their needs, whatever they are. So, while the needs may be a little different right now, our service isn’t. We just come through, with whatever it takes.

And there’s never a bad time to partner with Superior. Ask our customers, whose feedback has earned us four straight Best of Print and Digital awards. Or check out our ISO certification, which makes sure our processes deliver that kind of performance for each customer.

So maybe your first step is to download our catalog or shop for essential PPE for your business and get your customized quote NOW!

If masks, sanitizer, or other PPE aren’t big needs at the moment, your business will still benefit when you contact Superior.

Our experience in print management, promotional items and dozens of other products and services might just be the best kind of protection you can wrap around your business right now.

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