Printed Promotional Calendars Will Never Be Outdated…Here’s Why!

Ever wonder why you still see so many printed calendars around, even with all the high-tech digital calendars on iPads, smartphones and more? Simple. People like them. And people use them. Recently, I noticed a post that does a good job explaining why.

It was based on a social media post in which someone claimed that the days of the printed calendar are numbered. (Well, I’ll admit that the days on printed calendars are numbered. But I don’t think that’s how they meant it.)  And the author notes that many people responding to that post disagreed strongly.

Who “Still” Uses Printed Calendars?

So who still uses printed calendars? The article’s author, for one. He mentions that (in addition to using digital calendars) he also has printed calendars on his office wall, in his kitchen, on his desk and more. And he notes that many people use both – and a significant number prefer the printed variety, period.

Another example: the daughter of our CMO attends the University of Florida and uses a printed calendar to keep track of her schoolwork. Good idea – plenty of research has shown that things written down on paper are remembered better than those typed on a keyboard. (Attention college students – the same thing applies to taking notes.)


Check out a few statistics on printed calendar use from the Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI):

  • 52% of promotional calendars are kept one year or more
  • 62% of consumers own promotional calendars
  • 37% of women consult their promotional calendars daily
  • Even 31% of millennials and Gen-Xers use them daily

Who “Still” Uses Them to Build Business?

A great many businesses hand out promotional calendars to strengthen customer relationships and help build new ones. Look for printed calendars next time you are out and around visiting professional offices and retail establishments. You will find them easily. And when you do, they make an impression.

A couple more ASI stats help explain why:

  • A printed promotional calendar generates an average of 850 impressions over its lifetime
  • A $3 promo calendar has a cost-per-impression (CPI) of 3/10 of a cent

Add some strategy and creativity, and you can do even better! Many organizations and businesses involve customers in creating calendars. Veterinarians often invite clients to send in pet pictures for use in calendars, which are then available for purchase. Calendars are ideal for fundraising, as well.

What Kinds of Promotional Calendars are Available?

As mentioned earlier, you can create printed calendars in many formats designed for many different parts of the home and office. Here are a few thought-starters:

  1. Desktop Calendars

It just doesn’t get any handier for the workplace, home office or “bill-paying desk.” Check out this wide assortment.

  1. Planners

Sometimes you need to know more than what day it is. These planners help you track the workload, meet deadlines and due dates, and see what meetings and responsibilities are coming up soon. Remember, just writing them down helps you remember them!

  1. Wall Calendars

Visible, practical, and beautiful. Large sizes provide a prominent visual reminder to you and your staff or family of what’s on the schedule. Any size can offer beautiful and relevant pictures with subject matter based on your business or industry; your recipients will look forward month’s end just to enjoy a new visual treat.

Get Your Calendar on Our Calendar

We’ve helped businesses add efficient, sales-building tools for 95 years. Our ISO certification holds us to a high standard, and our four consecutive Best of Print and Digital awards show that we keep our customer service top-notch and up to date!

So shop our selection of printed promotional calendars. Even better, simply contact Superior and let us help you create a perfect customized calendar. Couldn’t your business, organization or non-profit use a promotional marketing tool that keeps your name on their desks, walls…and minds…for the next year or more?

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