A Strong Supply Chain Can Be a Lifeline for Your Business

In Case You Haven’t Noticed – The Pressure to Perform Is On

Most people think of a supplier network as a pretty cut-and-dry thing: you identify companies that can reliably supply the resources or materials you need, pick the one that offers the lowest cost and strike a deal. And the ever-increasing competitive forces at work put constant strain on suppliers to control or even reduce prices to maintain the business.

This simplistic view of a supply chain is not only outdated, but it could be dangerous to your business. That’s because in today’s volatile economic environment, it is more critical than ever to establish and maintain strong, trust-based relationships with your suppliers for several very important reasons.  

The Increasing Pace of Change

One big reason to establish trust-based relationships is the rapid evolution of new products and technologies in almost every space. What does this mean? It means that when you build and refine your supply chain, it is critical to choose providers who are not only skilled at delivering what you need right now, but have the progressive mindset and flexibility to recognize important advances and incorporate them into their offerings when available. This allows your business to benefit as soon as possible, and without the time-consuming and chaotic upheaval of shopping for a new supplier better versed in the new technology.

Relentless Customer Demands

Today, performance is everything and that has created an environment in which customers often expect you to work miracles on their behalf. Given the current laser-like focus on customer service, deadlines get shortened, your customers’ demands increase, and you have little choice but to respond (or they’ll find someone who will).

To help you navigate those stressful situations, you have to arm yourself in advance with a strong stable of suppliers who are not only willing, but able, to help you successfully deliver under those circumstances. (Not to insert a “commercial” but Superior Business Solutions is a perfect example of this capability. Our large and diverse network of printing and promotional product suppliers and our supply chain management technologies allow us to help you respond quickly to just about any demand with the perfect vendor to fulfill it. Our expertise and connections are your best option, whether you’re the one making the demand, or the one being squeezed to accomplish it.

Global Economic Uncertainties

You’re probably well acquainted with globalization and perhaps it has had a big impact on your business. But one thing is certain, few businesses live in isolation and what happens in another corner of the world can be of great consequence to your operation. Many of those results are very positive – new markets open, and new collaborations are born. But on the flip side, an economic or other problem on another continent can have a negative ripple effect on you.

We’ve all heard stories about quality problems with products manufactured elsewhere, or lengthy delays in shipments due to labor unrest, natural disasters or other occurrences that disrupt the natural flow of business. If you have no options, you have no leverage, and no choice but to wait and hope.

But when you build a supply chain with partners who have a track record and capabilities you can depend on, you have something of an insurance policy against such events. The right partners can minimize the damage to your productivity, and a diverse network of providers give you other options when necessary.

Better Sourcing – A Source of Security for Your Business

As I mentioned earlier, Superior Business Solutions can be your instant leverage in the sourcing and procurement of all printing services and promotional products. Our extensive and carefully evaluated group of printers and product vendors are not only your best defense against problems, but also an excellent way to add value with new technologies, higher quality, and more options to improve upon what you may be getting now.

When we’re your printing supply chain, there are no weak links. Why not call me so I can give you some tangible examples of what I’m talking about here?

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