Efficiency in the Distribution Industry

A Month in the Distribution IndustrySuperior Business Solutions’ month of distribution and label tips and tricks is coming to a close, and as I look back over July’s topics, I’m hit by the sheer amount of resources out there. This month we’ve brought you a great list of 10 top distribution blogs in the industry and information about some important labels as well as how to save on them.

The distribution industry is a part of the marketing machine that is not often noticed by consumers, but it’s no less important because of that. The ability of the distribution process to run smoothly and get your product to the end-user without delay or difficulty is very important, and sometimes it takes many channels for effective delivery.

The Simple and Direct Way for Distribution

Arguably, the two most important things for the industry are simplicity and directness, and since the purpose of our E(c3) print management and e-procurement solution is to accomplish these two things, you’re distribution facility is in luck!

But that’s not the only way to save on print and labeling. Sometimes the most efficient solutions are found in the most interesting places. The Two-Sided (Duplex) Shipping Label is a great and simple solution to distribution efficiency. The Duplex label is a combination of the shipping and return label and the packing slip and invoice all on one double-sided sheet.

Take a look at our blog on PTI labels for more information on another important cog in the distribution mechanism.

No matter where they originate, the products and goods we consume must travel through a network of distribution channels throughout the country in order to reach our businesses and homes. Organizing that distribution, solving the problems of distribution, is accomplished by correctly communicating information about the products, their origins and their destinations.



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