How Kite Fishing Can Improve Your Sales Results

Huh? Let me explain. There are countless blogs for sales reps, but one of the best is authored by Jill Konrath. Why? She has a quirky, but engaging style that draws you in. When I noticed her post titled “Tackling the Impossible Sales Challenge”, I had to read it. Clearly, a relevant topic. Every sales organization (including ours) has accounts they would love to work with, but haven’t yet been able to make a lot of headway.

What I loved about this post was that, after the “business” title, it talked about kite fishing. (Check it out to see how she connects it.) But I think it’s a great example of how, by reading different perspectives, you expose yourself to new thinking, new angles, and new approaches to problems we all face. That’s refreshing and re-invigorating, at least to me.

I encourage our winning sales reps to follow blogs that “click” with them, and I think you’ll find value doing the same. I’ve identified 12 blogs that I think should be on every great sales rep’s reading list. I will share them with you today and next Tuesday. Here are the first six—let me know what you think!

  1. Jill Konrath’s Fresh Sales Strategies

Might as well start with this one. Jill has a very personal approach that stands out. There’s a humanity and lack of business jargon in her writing. Follow her blog, and you’ll find yourself saying “boy, I’ve been there” frequently. And you will always find an applicable business insight in what she takes away from a challenge or situation.

  1. Mark Wayshak’s Sales Blog

This one’s for you multi-taskers. Each post is actually a short video, with Mark making his points “up close and personal.” He offers some very specific tips and insights around the sales process itself, sometimes with him “demonstrating” recommended techniques as if he were in mid-sales-call.

  1. Jim Keenan’s A Sales Guy

Okay, for some folks this one might almost be “NSFW” but I find it a breath of fresh air. Keenan isn’t shy about using colorful language to make his points. But they’re usually very good points. He also occasionally entertains questions, which he answers in short videos.

  1. John Barrows’ Make It Happen

Great sales advice from a guy who knows. John is a great storyteller, and the examples he uses from his career usually illustrate his points perfectly. Typical topics include how to make “cold calls” less cold and more effective. He also addresses what he considers best practices for tools like voicemail and more.

  1. Jeb Blount’s Sales Gravy

Prospecting is obviously critical to maintaining a steady flow of new clients or customers. Jeb Blount is an expert in this area. While he agrees that customer relationships must grow and prosper, his focus is on making sure that plenty of new prospects enter the sales funnel to ensure future success. Numerous guest posters are featured, as well.

  1. Matt Heinz’ Heinz Marketing

If you’ve got a daily routine for doing your business reading, you might want to make this blog part of it. It features new content every day. Matt and his cohorts provide great advice on reaching new prospects and developing content that will keep those prospects moving toward the sale. Several recurring features and some interesting takes on common sales topics.

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