Take a Healthy New Look at Your Promotional Gifts

Many people’s’ New Year’s resolutions include “getting healthier”. And generally, “health and wellness” articles and products are hot right now. So maybe it’s time to give your promotional gifts a check-up. This year, why not consider items related to health and wellness? It could give your business a healthy lift.

If you’re in healthcare or a related industry, the connection is obvious. But no matter what business you are in, you should always choose promotional products that will be appreciated and remembered by your customers and prospects.

8 Excellent Health and Wellness Promotional Gifts That Serve Prospects and Customers Well

  1. 18 ml. “Credit Card” Sanitizer

promotional-gifts-for-marketing-18 Ml. Credit Card Sanitizer
Forget the cumbersome sanitizer bottle; this spray hand-sanitizer comes in the size and shape of a credit card to fit easily in wallet, purse or pocket. A unique way for your prospects to keep up to 300 sprays on hand. And great branding space to put your business in front of them each time.

  1. 16.9 oz. Custom Label Bottled Water

promotional gifts for marketing 16.9 Oz. Custom Label Bottled Water
Is bottled water popular? That’s an understatement. They are everywhere. Which is where your brand can be with these totally customizable bottles of refreshing 100% natural spring water. Choose clear or blue bottle, one of four cap colors, and design your own label with digital 4-color artwork. (We can help.) Great for trade shows, corporate golf outings (check out our free golf outing planning guide) and other outdoor events.

  1. 10 ml. Essential Oil Clear Roller Bottle

promotional marketing gifts 10 Ml. Essential Oil Clear Roller Bottle
Instant soothing fragrance! This easily portable essential oil roller bottle provides a quick refresher whenever you want it. Fractionated coconut oil blended with apricot kernel oil for easy application to the desired area. Give their day a lift, and your business a boost in the process.

  1. Classic CoolFiber® Active Cooling Towel

promotional marketing gifts Classic CoolFiber® Active Cooling Towel - 1 Color 1 Location
A refreshing way to battle warm summer days whether you are working, working out or watching your favorite team. Activate it with standard water, and in 20 seconds it will feel 20°F cooler than the air around it. The large imprint area is pretty cool, too! Available in blue or white.

  1. Coloring Book – Fight Germs with Pengy Penguin: Cold and Flu

promotional marketing gifts Coloring Book - Fight Germs with Pengy Penguin_ Cold and Flu
Color kids happy – and smarter about avoiding the flu. Your customers and prospects will appreciate your efforts to keep their families healthier. And when they use it as a fun way to educate their family, your company’s logo is “front page” news. Various titles are available covering many health issues.

  1. Health Zone Flu Kit

promotional gifts for marketing Health Zone Flu Kit
Your clients will have everything on hand to keep the flu in check. An attractive 5” X 4” mesh bag contains a Nextemp Disposable Thermometer, 2 Purell Anti-Bacterial Wipes, 2 Halls Cough Drops, 1 Tissue Pack, 1 .9 g bottle of Hand Sanitizer. Available in multiple colors and accommodates your silkscreened logo.

  1. Attractive 84” Jump Rope with Solid Natural Wood Handles

promotional gifts for marketing 84_ Solid Natural Wood Handle Attractive Jump Rope
A wonderful blend of childhood nostalgia and today’s focus on fitness. An ideal choice for gyms and fitness centers, health-centered events, and activities focused on children. Clients and prospects will jump at the chance to grab one of these!

  1. Bathtub Spa Set

promotionalgifts for marketing Bathtub Spa Set
Pamper your clients with all they’ll need to pamper themselves! The attractive bowl has plenty of good things in it, and one great thing on it:  your company logo! Contents include a soft cotton and jute wash mitt, wood nail and skin scrubber, heart-shaped pumice stone, and body scrub exfoliator.

How to Do Promotional Gifts WELL

If you’d like to add a little spark to your promotional gifts this year, here’s an easy prescription for doing the job right: call us. We’ve got these items above, plus plenty of other health and wellness promotional gifts and services available – including promotional apparel and promotional kitting. And we can get you what you need into your hands quickly and with excellent customer service. 

Our customers are certainly pleased with our abilities. Their ratings have caused us to win four consecutive Best of Print and Digital awards. Our consistency in delivering for those customers is due in part to our ISO certification,  which holds us to tight quality standards.

Contact Superior and ask for some help in choosing the best possible health and wellness promotional gifts. The right promotional gift can be personal, useful and memorable at the same time. That’s the kind of efficiency we’ve been providing our customers for nearly 100 years.

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