Here’s How to Make Every Workday Work for YOU

Happy New Year! Great to be back here with you. I hope you’re ready for an excellent 2021. I sure am!

Forget all that “2020 was such a lousy year” stuff. It’s over. Let’s concentrate on making THIS year everything it can be!

Because it’s the first week of a new year, I’d like to offer some thoughts on the things you can do to make yourself more effective for every workday. Some of these are especially important in helping you deal with the current situation, whether you are in the office, working from home, or some combination of the two.

A Couple of Superior Tips, for Starters

Naturally, we at Superior offer products and services that help you end every day feeling like you accomplished a lot. We were founded on adding efficiency for clients nearly 100 years ago, and we still deliver on that promise for our customers today.

  1. An Online Company Store

Maybe you’ve always had multiple offices or facilities. But chances are, right now you’ve also got plenty of remote workers as part of the equation. If you create an online company store for both traditional and remote workers, employees can get approved company materials and promotional items quickly and easily, without taking any of your time or attention

  1. Promotional Items

Speaking of promotional items, they can be a marketing goldmine. Why wouldn’t you want to use an effective form of advertising like promotional items that give great ROI  ?! Research shows promotional items are the most appreciated form of advertising by consumers and create valuable impressions for your brand for months and years to come.

Getting that kind of mileage from your marketing dollars? THAT’S slaying a workday!

More Ways to Slay Your Day

In this blog, we try to help businesses in as many ways as possible. (Might be a good reason to sign up for our print and promo newsletter; I’ve got plenty of great ideas for you in 2021—I wouldn’t want you to miss them!) But right now, here are more suggestions on slaying every workday this year.

  1. Design Your Workspace

If you’re working remotely, don’t let the comforts of home get in the way of the productivity you want. It will help to consciously design your workspace for maximum health and efficiency. I think this article from Texas A & M offers several good things to consider.

  1. Connect and Communicate with Others

Physical isolation doesn’t mean social or professional isolation. It is important to stay in touch with other team members in your organization, of course, but don’t let other professional relationships atrophy.

If you’re a manager, part of your responsibility is to keep your remote employees engaged and communicating. U.S. News offers suggestions for managers and employees to improve that communication.

  1. Get Out!

Hey, nothing personal. But you need to get away from the keyboard and paperwork every now and then, and nature is a terrific stress reliever.

It’s based on research, too. Plenty of research backs that up. Harvard Men’s Health Watch featured a simple study and a short write-up that proves nature’s positive impact on the body. The article is certainly worth the read.

  1. Get Enough Sleep

It’s fashionable these days to claim you can “get by” on less sleep than experts recommend. Probably true – but your business wants to do more than “get by” and would like you at your best to accomplish that.

It might be even more difficult right now.

Any hour can feel like a working hour when your home is also your office. But turn it off and go to bed.

This item from Forbes suggests that when you are tired, you make riskier decisions without realizing it. You make better decisions when you are well-rested.

  1. Regular Exercise is Part of Your Job

Okay, I swiped that headline from the wonderful article it links to in the Harvard Business Review. It details the importance of getting physical exercise. According to the article, our mental acuity is directly linked to our physical regimen—and the connection is most obvious in the workplace. (They provide numerous examples.)

Paradoxically, as with the issue of sleep above, working from home might actually discourage exercise due to that “always working” feeling. Resist that. Getting out and walking or running, or using exercise equipment when possible, will make you a more productive and valuable employee.

Nothing “New” About Our Superior Track Record

You can count always count on great new ideas from us, but our commitment to helping businesses is a proven benefit.

We’ve earned four consecutive Best of Print & Digital awards.

And we continue to boast ISO certification. It holds us to rigid customer service standards, and it’s not easy to maintain. But it pays off for our customers, so it’s worth it to us.

The tips I offered above will be a big help. But do you want the simplest way to slay your workdays in 2021? Contact us today for a free no-cost print supply chain audit.

See you back here Thursday. It’s a good habit to start to help ensure that Happy New Year!

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