Choose the Most-Wanted Wearables to Please Key Prospects

You know my fondness for promotional items—people say I wear it on my sleeve. That’s especially appropriate for today’s post because we’re talking about promotional apparel, and what it can do for your business in 2021.

Promotional apparel is always a popular promotional gift; customers and prospects appreciate adding a great-looking item to their wardrobe…the “cooler” the better.

Plus, with so many people working from home and attending video conference calls, logo’d apparel is a must-have for the savvy employee and a perfect promotional gift for your business.

And at Superior, we have a great resource that tells us what the “coolest” apparel items will be this year.

Tips and Trends to Trust

Theresa Hegel, one of our friends at the Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI), talked to some of the top apparel providers in the promotional industry about the hot apparel items for 2021. She wrote about it, and I’d like to share some of the valuable insights she took away from her interviews.

  1. Look Alive! Colors, Patterns and Textures are Back

Apparently, people who’ve spent most of their time looking at their walls for the last year are ready to let loose! Experts predict the most popular apparel items will be alive with bright colors, fresh patterns and interesting textures.

So don’t be shy about providing some colorful options in your promotional gifts for prospects and clients. Even tie-dyed clothing made a big comeback in 2020, so people are ready for something different.

  1. Athleisure and Casual Clothing is Still “Gym” Dandy

Remote work is still a “thing” around the country, and many of those workers will be slow to return to the office. (And many companies anticipate continuing a significant “work-from-home” contingent even after the pandemic is over.)

That means great-looking athletic wear will be more desirable than ever, as a popular casual look for work (from that home office) or for the fun those workers enjoy on their own time.

  1. Functional Feels Right

Fashion is fine, but classic is better. That’s what many of today’s consumers were already feeling. But with all the uncertainty people have been facing lately, it’s even more true now.

Consumers respond well to a tried-and-true piece of apparel they can count on to be useful and versatile for a long time to come. Fashions can flame out, but there is comfort in a clothing item that can play a role in their wardrobe indefinitely.

  1. Speaking of Comfort…

The experts believe that, while workers are able to return to work and social events, they will be eager to “dress up.” But that doesn’t mean a swift return to traditional (or “old school”) business attire. Comfort will still be a key consideration.

More likely, as Vicki Ostrum—a trend analyst at SanMar—sees it, that will mean a button-front shirt in stretch knit, or throwing a jacket over an upstyle T-shirt. Items with that kind of utility will be welcomed by your recipients.

  1. Stylish Protection Will Be Popular

Long before the pandemic emerged, consumers were moving in the direction of clothing with certain health and body-friendly features built in. We’re talking about breathability, UV protection, high-visibility trim and moisture wicking. to name a few.

The events of the past year have simply added to the array, with increased interest in gaiters, masks, and clothing with antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. Keep this in mind in choosing promotional apparel items; there are attractive options that take advantage of this growing interest in clothing that enhances safety and looks good doing it.

  1. Out Will Be In

SanMar’s Ostrum sees outerwear as the most popular choice in promotional apparel in 2021. While it has always been a winner, recent events have added to the appeal. “Our social interactions have been taking place outside, even in cold weather,” Ostrum said. “In the past year, we’ve also rediscovered just how much we love the great outdoors.” Custom branded coats and jackets will be loved. And used.

  1. Bend the Trend Toward YOU

This last tip is from me. It makes sense to choose one of the year’s most popular promotional apparel items. But to take full advantage of it, make sure your logo shines on whatever item you pick.

We can help you add your branding tastefully to match any style and any type of apparel item. So while they are appreciating and enjoying it, they will remember that you gave it to them.  And countless others will also see your company on display.

Superior: Trending for Almost a Century

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