We all know how it feels to be in business for a long time and sometimes this means we forgetting “old school” branding rules. We have seen many clients change logos too often or not refresh their email signatures so they look updated. Below are 5 of the most common branding mistakes that we see being made. They are nothing out of the ordinary, but just basic things that marketers can forget time to time.

  1. branding mistakesNot having a company voice. You need to have a document that outlines how you would like your employees to handle your customers and how they should react regarding certain scenarios. For example, if a customer has a complaint, you need to make sure all your employees know to listen first, then apologize and be understanding, then give them a discount to make up for it.
  2. Not having a plan for a PR crisis. Things you need to consider are, Who will respond to your PR disaster? What will the approach be? Will an outside agency be called in to help?
  3. Not updating signage. Having worn out or out of date signage reflect poorly on your company. It gives of the feeling that your company is struggling and will not be able to provide proper services or products.
  4. Having an out of date website. Your website needs to be an updated part of your branding voice. Make it part of your regular branding reviews to ensure that your website is given the once over for stale or missing information.
  5. Not being involved in the social media world. If you don’t know anything about it, then start reading. There are many helpful sites such as, HubSpot, Mashable, and SocialMediaToday that can give you tips on getting started. They have step by step articles on everything from designing to writing.

What other mistakes would you add to this site?

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