6 Benefits of e-Procurement for Operations and Logistics

Control Quality and Costs Across Your Organization

It seems like such a simple thing. You have different offices spread across the region or the country, but they use (or should use) the same forms, literature, and supplies. Everyone should be on the same page. But too often, they’re not even in the same library!

Too often, someone in one of your other locations:

  • Attempts to re-create a form but omits something vital, creating the potential for customer confusion or legal problems, and requiring costly reprinting
  • Misses a deadline, so a client, partner, or remote office gets critical materials late or not at all
  • Wastes hours searching vendors and ordering the same item you did at a higher price

Good news. Fixing the problem is a simple thing. Our Corporate Kiosk on-demand e-procurement catalog technology connects all your organization’s locations to one standardized gateway for supply, purchase, procurement and fulfillment services, covering marketing and promotional materials, stationery and forms, labels and many other supplies. It gives you maximum control of quality and spending and the specific benefits from an operational and logistics perspective are incredible.

  1. Greatly Reduced Overhead Costs

The most obvious benefit is a dollars-and-cents advantage. From requisition to reconciling the invoices, time and money are saved. Your employees fill a simple “shopping cart” to place orders that, by definition, meet your approval and standards; they wouldn’t be accepted by the system if they didn’t. Choices are limited to the right ones, saving plenty of wasted exploration. Purchases are approved by managers via email, and the routing of requisitions can happen automatically and immediately. And costs of materials themselves are contained, as there is no need to (or opportunity to) go outside the system and incur higher costs as a result.

  1. Reduced Turn-around Time

We can’t wait for corporate, we need the stuff NOW.”  Kiss that complaint goodbye. With Corporate Kiosk, the process is automated. Requisitions and approvals are virtually instantaneous, and there will be no need for anyone to “improvise.” Needs and deadlines are met.

  1. Control Over Who Can Order What, and How

Well, I just thought we’d freshen it up a little.”  There are places in your business for creativity, but you don’t need arbitrary changes made to forms and materials, especially by people you don’t want making that call. With Corporate Kiosk, you decide who can use the system, what they are able to order or modify, and how the process will flow. It offers a single, simple system that is easily learned and quick to use, since the big decisions are made in advance and built into the system.

  1. Compliance with Purchasing Rules is Assured

I know a guy we used to use at my old company…” Contracted spending programs require specific purchasing behaviors for compliance and maximized results. Once you’ve done the research to select the right vendors and put approval policies in place, there is no reason for other people to “do their own thing” and waste their time (which you are paying for) duplicating your effort. With Corporate Kiosk, the system you put in place is the policy, and the right way is the only way to do it.

  1. Elimination of Technology Problems from Out-of-System Sources

I think I saw a place we can get those on the Internet.” Different buying sites use different applications that may present problems depending upon where your offices or people are trying to access them, and make it almost impossible to get effective, detailed reporting you can consolidate into usable information. With Corporate Kiosk, your purchasing and procurement functions work through a single system that gives you both flexibility and control, with the entire process automated to match your company’s workflow.

  1. Seamless Integration With Existing ERP and Procurement Systems

“That won’t work with our system.”  Yes it will. Many organizations have a healthy fear of new technologies because of the disruption their installation and adoption may cause.  Simply put, Corporate Kiosk doesn’t disrupt; it is a software plug-in that is designed to integrate with systems like SAP, Oracle, PeopleSoft and other enterprise software solutions. We’ve made sure that a product designed to save you major hassles doesn’t create any on the way in!

Corporate Kiosk Is The Epitome of The KISS Principle

So, make it simple and keep it simple. Learn more about Superior Business Solutions e-Procurement Technologies here.  And if you have any good examples (or horror stories) of someone “doing their own thing” and creating chaos in the process, please share them with me. It helps me explain the benefits of Corporate Kiosk to others. Thanks in advance and make it a great work week!


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