5 Ways to Stay Motivated as a Business Owner As the owner of a business (of any size) you’re going to have times when you feel overwhelmed. All businesses go through ups and downs, and each period comes with a unique set of challenges for any business owner. When business is slow, all your available time is spent trying to increase business. On the other side of the spectrum, when business has picked up, you find yourself pounded with the workload of keeping up.

Always a catch twenty-two. It’s a work and stress intensive job, but I can’t knock it, being an entrepreneur myself. Instead of succumbing to the stress and losing sleep and more hair, I’ve found the key is to stay motivated throughout whatever season your business is going through.

What are some of the best ways to stay motivated as a business owner, you ask? Here are five of my favorite methods:

5 Motivation-Increasing Life Hacks for a Business Owner

  1. Set Realistic Goals: One of the easiest ways to become over-stressed is simply to set unrealistic goals. It may be tempting to try and over-achieve, and if you do manage to conquer some of these higher goals it can be intoxicating, but you don’t want to burn yourself out. By setting realistic goals, you ensure that your motivation levels will remain strong. Don’t be afraid to reassess your goals.
  2. Don’t Go It Alone: Chances are, you’re not running a one-man/woman business. So don’t pretend that you are. Delegate. Talk to your peers and find inspiration and helpful advice from them. You’ll find that this lightens the load of management and increases motivation not only for you, but also for your entire team.
  3. Interact with Your Customers: Some of the best business owners I know treat their loyal customers as part of the team too. Reach out to your trusted customers and ask for feedback and ideas. You accomplish two things by doing this: First, you make them feel more a part of the club. And second, you’ll most likely reinvigorate your business and yourself. Positive feedback from your customers is one of the best ways to increase motivation; after all, it’s why you do what you do.
  4. Go Back to Your Roots: You started or inherited your business for a reason, and I’m willing to bet your motivation level when you began was at its mountain peak…otherwise you wouldn’t be where you are. So go back to those roots for inspiration. By reflecting on where you and your business started, you’ll gain a cleaner perspective once more. It’s the internal cathartic equivalent of giving your whiteboard a good scrubbing.
  5. You’re Contributing to Your Community: In the words of Erika Welsh: “I know working hard to grow my business will allow me to give back to my community. I have always wanted to make a difference in the lives around me, and I see my business as a catalyst to allow me to do that.” Your business is a part of something greater than yourself, and, as business owner, you have the ability to impact your community. What better motivator can there be?

Motivation and inspiration doesn’t have to be as illusive as we sometimes make it. I hope these words and thoughts help you pick yourself up again and take a fresh look at your day. After you’ve done that, take it day by day. And, above all, make sure you’re taking care of yourself and your family so that you can also thrive at work.

We at Superior Business Solutions sincerely hope that this post is an effective launch pad that will help you THRIVE in 2015. Stay tuned throughout the year to hear our thoughts, hints, and reminders on how you can thrive in your personal and professional life this year.

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