Attitudes Inspire, But Activities Generate Impact

In my last post, I suggested some ways that your behavior as a manager or boss can help inspire your team to deliver peak performance. Most of them were fairly dramatic, like making sure you share the company’s vision with them or being careful not to micro-manage. And those are important things, to be sure.

But today’s tips are a little more specific. By implementing certain business practices and rethinking the usual office environment, you can inspire employees to engage even more closely with your company and its mission. As mentioned Tuesday, motivation can only come from within each employee. But your actions and concern about them as individuals can certainly inspire them to make a real commitment to you and the company. Look at these.

  1. Adopt Flexible Scheduling

I’ve talked about this here occasionally. And I understand it is more difficult to achieve in some businesses than in others. But employees love a bit of schedule autonomy; it adds variety, and also can be a big advantage when sick kids or doctors’ appointments pop up. There is little doubt when an employee doesn’t have to fear job repercussions when personal life intrudes it inspired them to achieve at other times in appreciation for the flexibility.

2. Daily “Stand-up” Meetings

If your company is small, involve everyone. Larger companies can do it by department, workgroup or team. But try instituting a 10-minute gathering where everyone updates fellow staffers about what they are working on or what help they might need. This informal check-in can prevent workflow surprises and make everyone more appreciative of what others contribute to the shared mission.

3. Share-Your-Skill Seminars

Perhaps monthly or bi-weekly, devote an hour so that employees can get a little better glimpse into the talents another employee brings to the job. (Why not order in a free lunch?) Invite a sales rep, an executive assistant, or even the CEO to present. They can share what their average day is like, along with some interesting stories and a discussion of the skills he or she relies upon. Here again, employees gain newfound respect for their co-workers and get to know them better.

4. Create Fun Spaces for Collaboration

Offices can be boring. There, I said it. And that’s no way to inspire creative thinking. So, at least in those spaces where employees might meet to brainstorm or share ideas, give them surroundings that encourage it. Bring in bright, fun furniture styles and pieces. Use colorful paint schemes. Add unusual and eclectic accessories and other decor. A playful atmosphere can’t help but inspire!

5. Talk Up Tech—and Take Everyone Along

Some companies (especially offices) can encounter a sharp divide between the tech-savvy and more traditionally oriented employees. This obviously creates a chasm, and can even limit productivity at some point. Help everyone become familiar and comfortable with new technologies, new social media platforms and more. Not only does your whole company become adept at using emerging tools, but the process also helps encourage collaboration and respect among those who normally wouldn’t interact as much.

Take Action to Inspire

There are many other activities than those mentioned above that can inspire. What about providing your employees and customers custom promotional items and apparel? Once you’ve renewed their pride in working for or partnering with your company, give them the chance to show it off to everyone they encounter.

Contact Superior today for more ideas on promotional items and other ways to help your people find the motivation they need to perform their best. We’ve been providing businesses the tools to succeed for nearly 100 years. Our ISO certification and our consecutive Best of Print and Digital awards prove that we know what we’re doing, and that our customers enjoy great results.

In my next post, I’ll be sharing some quotations by famous (and not-so-famous) people that could help inspire you and your employees. I enjoy passing along quotes; each time I do, I find a couple that I want to hang on to. They give my energy a boost, and I’ll bet you find them worthwhile, as well.

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