3 Steps to Easy Holiday Corporate Gift Giving

Don’t Let It Be a Chore – Make It Easy and Fun

It’s funny how something that should be simple and enjoyable can become so stressful. When the end of the year holidays come around, you want to recognize and thank people that have meant a lot to you and your business. That can include key clients, of course, but your business partners and most valued suppliers are usually on the list too. Plus, it’s not a cliché’ – your employees really are your most important asset so you certainly want to show that you appreciate them!

Still, the decision on what to give each of the people on your corporate holiday gift list and the endless searching for sources and shopping for the best quality and prices can take up hours of your time. How nice is too nice? How do I walk that line between appearing too extravagant, or too thrifty?  Is it okay to give them something with my logo on it?

The good news for you is that process can be simplified a great deal and give you back time for other important things, like conducting business and your celebrating the holidays with family. Here are three simple steps you can follow to make the right gift decisions with the least stress.

  1. Set a Budget

There’s really no way around this one. You need to first decide how much you are willing to spend in each category. It may be a total budget number that you can’t exceed or it may be a “range” of prices that make sense for each category. It is good to look at it not as a one-time seasonal “cost”, but as an investment that makes your business more profitable by expanding on existing and new relationships.

  1. Find a Promotional Products Expert

I happen to know of a fine one!  Seriously, this one only makes sense. By identifying the right source, you get access to deeper expertise, a wider range of products, and the best pricing available. Superior Business Solutions has working relationships with an incredible array of product suppliers and we offer direct sourcing discounts even on smaller orders.

The gift you give represents your company and indicates how much you value the relationship. With our knowledge of promotional products and supply chain, we know how to ensure the quality and timely delivery of the items you select. People who don’t spend every day in the space simply can’t know that.

But beyond that, you also get the value of our experience. We’ve provided corporate gifts for companies in many different businesses and circumstances. In the process, we’ve gained a pretty good feel for what is appropriate, and a lot of great ideas for unique gifts that will really make an impression on the people receiving them.

  1. Choose the Gift and Deliver It

Well, if you work on your own, that’s another thing you need to figure out and make time for. And many business owners want to do that themselves – that’s understandable. But it doesn’t have to be another thing on your to-do list, especially if you made the right choice in step #2.  If we help you select and order your gift items, we can also take care of the delivery for you or make sure it gets to you in perfect, ready-to-deliver shape.

That Was Easy!

It’s hard to imagine the whole process being any easier. And best of all you, or even more importantly the people whom you are remembering, get gifts that are perfect for the occasion and will be remembered all year long.  Get in touch with me or find a sales rep near you HERE and let’s brainstorm the right kind of gifts for your recipients. Some carry classic elegance and say “thank you, you matter to us.” Others are unique, creative items that celebrate the relationship and say “thanks, we’ve had a blast working with you!”  Let’s talk soon!

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