Three of the Hottest Promotional Items That Will Make You Feel Like a Kid Again!

I talk a lot about the value of using promotional items as a part of your marketing program. I usually focus on functional, business-oriented items. But promotional items can be a lot of fun, and make your brand memorable, approachable and fun. So let’s think about promotional items that build goodwill for your business, simply because they are fun to play with.

Here are three items that are dominating pop culture these days. They will make the most serious-minded customer, prospect or co-worker grin like a kid because that’s what it makes them feel like!

1. The Fidget Spinner

If you haven’t seen one yet, you must not get out much! Kids are breaking out fidget spinners at school, at home, and everywhere in between. Adults are getting hooked, too. That’s because they seem to get an odd pleasure and an almost meditative benefit when they try them. You ought to see how these hot-ticket items go over at trade shows and sales meetings.

Fidget Spinners are great fun and great marketing when your business name and logo are at the center of all that fascination. Nothing comes close to seeing your logo spinning on your CEO’s nose in front of the entire company at the sales meeting! There are many types of fidget spinners available. We even have a Light-Up LED Fun Spinner, in case you want to add colorful lights to the mesmerizing spinning action.

2. Time for Slime as a Promotional Item

It’s squishy. It’s slippery. You probably remember it from your childhood, and it’s making a big comeback. In fact, your child may be begging you to buy glue and supplies to make their own site at home. Buy customized slime for promotional marketing Slime is that wonderful glob of stuff that comes in a plastic tub, or numerous other fun containers, and is perfect for molding, spreading, and using in dozens of fun ways. When you first touch it, you might think “ewwwww.” But it’s so fascinating, you’ll find yourself still playing with it a half hour later.

Slime is safe for kids, and won’t stain clothes, carpets or furniture, (like office desktops)! That makes it the perfect promotional item for the child in you, and in the customers and prospects with whom you do business. We offer an almost unlimited variety of colors, features, and specialty versions of slime. We even offer Glow in The Dark Slime. So put slime on your promotional item “squish list.” It’s a great way to draw visitors to your trade show booth, too.

3. PopSocket for Cell Phones

Have you seen a kid or young adult on a cell phone recently? Okay, have you seen any that weren’t? You probably saw a PopSocket Phone Accessory on the back of each phone.Buy custom logoed PopSockets for promotional marketing  Kids and other cell-phone lovers (that’s pretty much all of us) are picking up on the cool convenience it provides. Adults are catching on quickly because this promotional item is really useful and fun.

The PopSocket acts as a convenient grip (which reduces drops and broken screens) or a stand for your phone. It makes taking videos and selfies simple. And you can use the PopSocket to prop your phone up almost anywhere to watch videos, FaceTime with friends or catch your favorite Netflix show. Your customers and prospects will really appreciate the convenience. And they’ll see your logo there each time. The PopSocket will be a huge hit at your next trade show and draw traffic from all over the show floor, directly to your booth.

Promotional Items Add Fun to the Relationship

People do business with people they like, and promotional items can play a big role in that. They endear people to your brand and keep on working to gain your business needed exposure. The fact that you can add some fun to the mix, is an added benefit that will work to make your brand approachable and memorable. Add some fun to your promotional marketing and contact Superior today for your custom quote.

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