Save 20% on The Hottest Promotional Items for Summer!

Some businesses think of summer as a time when things slow down a bit. After all, employees and clients are coming and going on vacations, and many are working trimmed “summer hours.” But this season is a great time of year for promotional items that add value to your prospects, employees and clients’ fun in the sun.

Promotional items are a natural fit for the relaxed, friendly attitudes of summer. Serious business goes on, of course, with trade shows, special events, and employee gatherings. But there’s no better opportunity to catch your audience in a receptive mood. Summer gives them the opportunity to appreciate your branded promotional items even more. And summer is when they will use them (and others will see them) in large numbers. That’s a lot of visibility for your corporate identity. And a lot of goodwill from people that matter to your business.

Check Out and SAVE on These Unique New Promotional Items

For promotional items, “same old, same old” just doesn’t cut it. So we’d like you to check out some great, new promotional products that are on sale right now. Save 20% through June 30th.

ATOM™ Wireless Earbud Headset Save 20% On the Hottest Promotional Items for Summer

A single earbud that does everything a traditional two-side headset does. Answer calls, adjust volume, call a contact through Siri or Google, and much more. Safer, too; with one ear free, you can remain aware of your surroundings. Your clients, prospects and employees will take on plenty of outdoor activities this summer; wouldn’t you like to be “in their ear” while they’re doing it? This Wireless Earbud Headset from ATOM will put you there.

ELASTIX™ Armband

Save 20% On the Hottest Promotional Items for Summer

Summer means long runs, outdoor workouts and attending all kinds of sporting events, whether you’re watching professionals or the kids. But today, you want your cellphone close at hand. This armband allows you to keep it on hand, but not in your hand. The band itself adjusts to any arm size. And the case adapts to hold any cellphone. The open-faced design allows you to access the screen and all side buttons, for easy use as you exercise. Know what else remains in view? Your logo.

Gadget Grips® STRAP Save 20% On the Hottest Promotional Items for Summer

Hold the phone (in a better way). This unique phone strap allows you to grip your phone more firmly, while enjoying better access to the screen and side buttons without fingers getting in the way. The Gadget Grips are hot and in demand. It attaches firmly to your phone with 3M adhesive that won’t leave any sticky residue when you remove it. Your prospects, customers and employees are like the rest of us—glued to their cellphones. This summer, they’ll do it more efficiently—and see your company name prominently whenever they do.

The Time to Connect- and SAVE—Is Now

Summer is a great time to connect and build relationships at those trade shows, events and employee gatherings—maybe it’s just an “enjoy your summer” gift to key business contacts. Make the summer sizzle with these three great promotional items at 20% off. But that offer only lasts through June 30. To place an order, contact me today or reach out to one of our award-winning sales reps.

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