It’s Time to Take Your Promotional Apparel to a Whole New Level with Levelwear

Promotional apparel is always popular but let’s face it, it is usually pretty run-of-the-mill stuff. Now there is nothing wrong with the great, quality promotional apparel we offer that has stood the test of time. In fact, Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI) research tells us that promotional apparel is among the most effective forms of advertising you can use.

But I’ve got to tell you, our sales team is pretty excited about a new partnership we have developed with Levelwear. Levelwear promotional apparel is unique and loved by today’s fashion-forward consumer, and those who wish they were more fashionable, and it will highlight your brand beautifully.

The video below is from last year’s line. I still wanted to share it with you because it shows how unique Levelwear is. Watch the video and you will see, Levelwear has found interesting and unique locations to highlight your brand on their clothing. They don’t just stop with your logo on a pocket of a polo. Just imagine your branding on any of these items and you get a sense of how your brand will stand out with this fashion-forward line of promotional apparel.

People Look Great and Feel Great IN Levelwear Promotional Apparel

Levelwear is, to borrow the old slogan, “not your grandfather’s promotional apparel.” Levelwear is great looking activewear that carries a look that says “I’m ready to go.”

You’ll find it on many PGA golf pros, for whom looking good is only slightly less important than birdies and eagles. And you’ll find it tied in with many professional sports leagues and teams. Hard to tell if those buyers are really fans of the team, or just fans of the way they look in that Levelwear merchandise. (By the way, congrats to Adam HadwLevelwear promotional apparel will get your brand noticedin, a Levelwear endorser who won his first PGA Tour event this past weekend!)

Through design, Levelwear sets itself apart from other promotional apparel. But as sleek and up-to-date as it is, its best feature might not be how it makes people look, but how your brand benefits.

Your BRAND Looks Great ON Levelwear Promotional Apparel

Let’s face it, when the clothes are “cool”—the brands and logos attached to it are cool. And that’s what Levelwear can do for your corporate image. When your company name or logo is displayed prominently and uniquely on great looking clothing worn by your customers and prospects, your image gets a boost at the same time.

It’s the ultimate “win-win.” Your customers and prospects are thrilled to receive Levelwear, because it’s the kind of thing they’d love to own, anyway. And you benefit when those people wear it proudly, out and around, where your company is “seen” again and again in all the right places.

Levelwear promotional apparel will get your brand noticed

Want Unique Promotional Apparel to Get Your brand Noticed? Level Up with Levelwear

Make your move with Levelwear promotional apparel and bring your brand awareness to the next level with this highly visible, branded performance wear. See what has our sales reps so excited and contact one of them today and ask them about Levelwear. Or reach out to us here and ask for more information on taking your brand to the next level, with Levelwear promotional apparel.



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