Not Using e-Procurement? Time for You to A.C.T.

I’ve talked before in this space about the many advantages of e-Procurement. I could suggest dozens of them. But I think most fall into three big areas where you will easily feel the positive impact: accuracy, costs, and time. Thus, an interesting acronym is born: ACT!

To me, that works perfectly. You act – by deploying e-Procurement throughout your organization. Then you can place approved business forms, sales literature, and promotional products behind an online portal, accessible to any employees you authorize. You will, as a result, see improved results in those three major areas. Let’s look at them in order.

Accuracy: Eliminates Errors and Inconsistency

For business success, you must serve your customers well. Maintaining a strong, consistent image is important, and e-Procurement accomplishes that on several fronts.

  • Everyone in your enterprise, wherever they are located, can access the correct form. Employees tasked with ordering print projects can make mistakes. Our Corporate Kiosk™ advanced e-procurement technology won’t. It only has the correct forms and items specs stored. Therefore, a wrong choice can’t be made.
  • You ensure adherence to corporate purchasing rules. But other departments will also benefit. Accounting, record-keeping, and reporting is simplified. Data is “automatically” logged and tracked in real-time. With real reliability.
  • Standardized materials help prevent mistakes and present your best image to all your customers and prospects. And they help employees in outlying offices feel connected and “on the same page.”

Costs: Minimizes and Controls Spending

Using e-Procurement to access business forms, labels, tags, and promotional items can deliver substantial cost savings. This occurs because of what does happen…and what doesn’t.

  • Your own vendor choices are limited by your location, your experience and your time available. We have thousands of qualified vendor resources and can negotiate the best price from those who best meet your project and timing needs.
  • Cost differences (for the same item) between different offices or facilities are eliminated. So are “rogue” orders when employees unfamiliar with ordering printed forms pay far too much.
  • Corporate Kiosk requires no capital investment. Your productivity (and profitability) increases, and you can put the money to better use. You’ve heard of ROI? This is return on no investment.  (RONI?)

Time: Saves Valuable Time- for You and Your Employees

Time means money, too, so these points could have been listed above. But time wasted is beyond expensive. It is disruptive, demoralizing and distracting when you could be building your business instead.

  • e-Procurement spares you the tedious and repetitive document approvals and budget wrangling related to printed materials. You can use that time to address business-building tasks and opportunities.
  • Employees do what they were hired to do, rather than taking on a task they have little training or experience in doing. Your business benefits.
  • Other departments save time, as reporting and cost control functions are essentially built in. And Corporate Kiosk interfaces smoothly if desired with ERP and other corporate systems.

Your First Act: Contact Superior

I hope my little “ACT” acronym makes sense to you. You can switch the letters around, maybe you think e-Procurement is a tactical breakthrough. So you can use TAC or if you like cats, CAT will work.

But to get the most benefit from e-Procurement, contact Superior. Because we’ve been helping businesses run more efficiently for nearly 100 years. Our ISO certification commits us to using proven, customer-focused processes. And our customers clearly appreciate our efforts. Their feedback gave us three straight Best of Print and Digital awards.

Contact Superior today. You just read how e-Procurement can make a big difference in how your business functions. ACT accordingly.

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