Is Your Print Supply Chain Managing YOU?

“We figure out how to print things when we need to.” Not an uncommon attitude, and at face value it seems to make sense. But when I hear it from business owners or managers, it means they are probably spending a lot more time and money than necessary. The truth is, most companies need supply chain management for their printing  as much as they do for their core production process.

Today, more and more businesses are employing automated, technology-driven solutions for their printing. These solutions streamline the printing process, eliminate waste and help manage costs along the way. By aligning with the right printing partner, a company can dramatically upgrade their printing operations. These new technologies simplify the process of getting the business and promotional forms used in daily transactions and record-keeping. In addition, they improve results on those critical, more specialized “one-off” printing projects that carry a company’s image to customers, prospects and investors.

How Does Print Management Work for Everyday Forms?

At Superior Business Solutions, our Corporate Kiosk™ e-procurement technology is a smart print management solution that allows designated employees to order pre-approved print materials through an online portal. With it, your company can:

  • track and control print spending. No rogue purchases that can add cost or introduce unwanted quality discrepancies.
  • save staff time, by keeping employees focused on their responsibilities rather than unfamiliar printing projects.
  • eliminate waste by preventing of duplicated employee effort.
  • avoid confusion and inconsistency for companies with multiple offices or facilities, as the Web-based system standardizes forms and processes.
  • generate real-time reports on inventor, procurement and spend.

How Does Print Management Help with Specialty Printing Projects?

Print management also saves time and money on digital, litho and other specialized print projects. These typically include flyers, catalogs, brochures, and other customer-facing materials. Our Web-based E(c3) print procurement technology puts our vast network of pre-qualified vendors at your disposal.

With this unique tool, we can competitively bid and source your project to the most appropriate choices. As a result, you gain significant benefits. First, this process ensures the quality of your project. Second, it lowers your costs, since we can take best advantage of availabilities.

Here’s How to Avoid Another Print Management Mistake

There’s a lot to think about in the purchase, procurement, inventory and fulfillment of the many printing needs you handle for your company. So it’s great news that there is a better way, for both you and your company.

Contact Superior today and ask for a free print supply chain audit. You’ll find it easy and painless and the result will be enormous savings in money and manpower for your business.

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