A Must-Watch Vote for Good!

Happy Election Day. At least it should be. We should be proud that we are the largest and most powerful country in the world. And in my opinion, that’s because we have been able, for over 200 years, to choose our own leaders in fair elections and get behind the winning candidate for the good of our country.

This has been a noisy and nasty presidential campaign. But I sincerely hope that when it is done, we can do what we always do: realize that we are all part of one big American family, and pull together like families do.

In a recent Apple iPhone commercial, Maya Angelou reads from her famous poem “The Human Family”—and it ends with this line repeated:

 “We are more alike, my friends, than we are unalike.”

It’s not a new sentiment, but worth revisiting today. Think of all your friends and acquaintances, old and new, and what you have in common. You may work with them, or enjoy their company talking about children, school activities, movies and favorite sports teams. And perhaps, as shown in this video from Pedigree, you share a deep affection for dogs!

But too often, we let political disagreements get so intense they make us forget all those wonderful bonds and turn us against one another. So today, once we’ve voted, let’s make another important choice. Let’s decide not to do that, now and for the next four years – whatever side you are on, and whether or not you are happy with the election results.

Forget the political grudges. Stop fanning the social media flames. Let’s keep it in the family and celebrate all we share, all we have in common, and pull together for the good of all of us.

We are more alike, my friends, than we are unalike.


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