Wondering How to Make Promo Work for Your Brand?

I’d imagine after the last week or so, you are pretty well aware of my fondness for promotional items. Their value is hard to question. After all, consumer research tells us that they are the best-received advertising channel that is most likely to make them take action.

But there are ways to make them work even harder for your business. Today I’d like to share a few of them. I hope you can use one or all of them to make promotional items a regular (and very effective) part of your marketing efforts.

  1. Use QR Codes with Promotional Items

Think promotional items can’t tell the whole story about your business? Well, they can provide more information than any TV commercial, magazine ad or brochure ever could. That is, with one simple addition: a QR code. There are many terrific ways you can use QR codes to help increase business.

By putting a QR code on your promotional item, your complete website and key marketing materials are a simple scan away. Or, use that QR code to link to a special site or micro-site designed for that promotion or event. Research shows that people do scan QR codes, and the average number of scans per person per year is increasing.

  1. Use Tech to Your Advantage

Think promotional items are “old school?” Think again. They are today’s best marketing tool; especially with the advanced technologies, you can use to guarantee their quality and efficient procurement. For any business with multiple locations or frequent replenishment needs, our on-demand e-procurement catalog technology can deliver incredible benefits beyond the item itself.

With Corporate Kiosk™ you can pre-select and approve the item, the vendor, and the people empowered to order it throughout your organization. That protects your branding by ensuring quality and consistency. Your accounting department will love the fixed pricing (with no renegade orders) and simplified reporting. And of course, your bottom line will benefit from the lower pricing and more productive use of employee time.

  1. Plan for Opportunities to Use Promotional Items

Don’t just wait for the traditional “places” to use promotional items. Look at the calendar and the unique imagery of your industry. Use them to find and create opportunities to promote your brand with custom promotional items. Remember the solar eclipse? Some marketers took advantage of it to offer special eclipse sunglasses as promotional items. Those marketers have pretty sunny dispositions today. And colleges have gotten plenty of buzz when a rock star was seen wearing one of their T-shirts on a prominent television awards show!

It may be seasonal or built around a timely event. Or it might just be looking at things through a more creative lens to come up with the right item at the right time. Not too sure how to do that? I know someone who can help you with that.

Want to Hear More Ways to Use Promotional Items?

In choosing promotional items, there’s nothing more important than experience. We have the knowledge to tell you which items work best in which situations. And our creativity allows us to make those proverbial “outside the box” suggestions to come up with an item your customers and prospects will appreciate and treasure.

Don’t miss out on unique opportunities to promote your brand effectively, build relationships and increase sales with promotional items. Contact Superior today or reach out to one of our winning print and promotional marketing sales reps and ask for a free promotional item management audit.

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