What Are The Most Influential Promotional Products in The US

When Talking Promotional Products, “What” Might Depend On “Where”

Last week, I shared some results from a survey conducted by the Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI). First, I was proud to report the results showed that promotional products work so well and are the favorite form of advertising by almost all respondents to the survey. Then, I went into a little more detail about which promotional products had the most influence in creating a positive impression of the advertiser providing them.

I also promised to share a little more information this week about which promotional products are the preferred ones among people who live where you live and do business. Well, here’s graphic that tells the story pretty well. Here in Michigan where our corporate office is located, drinkware seems to be the most powerful at influencing opinions about the advertiser. In other states, other items top the list.

What Are The Most Influential Promotional Products in The US

What Are The Most Influential Promotional Products in The US

What Are The Most Influential Promotional Products in The US

Urban? Suburban? Rural?  That Matters, Too

It is interesting to see the top choice in each state above. But there’s another factor you might want to consider. People choose different items as “most influential” depending upon the density of the population and the type of community in which they live. It may be due to different types of residence, lifestyles, occupations, or other factors. But as the say, the numbers don’t lie!

Urban dwellers choose writing instruments number one, followed by USB drives and outerwear.  Suburban residents opt for the USB drive as their top choice, with outerwear and drinkware close behind. Survey respondents in rural areas prefer performance wear, with drinkware in second place and portable power banks (for cell phones and other electronic devices) coming in third.

Most Important? What Will Influence Your Key Audience

Of course, every situation is different, and depending upon your business, your customers (target audience) and what you hope to accomplish, the right answer for you may be very different. That’s where we come in. It would be hard for you to find a company that knows promotional products better than we do.

Our many years of helping thousands of clients has given us a great deal of insight. We can help you walk that fine line between the “tried and true” items that we know do the job, and the creativity that helps your particular effort be uniquely memorable. A promotional product that has been carefully chosen and artfully executed will be a favorite gift that recipients will appreciate, and help them remember your company fondly.

Make Promotional Products Work for Your Brand

When you combine real research-based insights like these with the vast “in-the-trenches” experience we can add to the mix, your best call is to one of our Superior Business Solution sales representatives. Nobody knows it all, but they are certainly best equipped to listen to you, then deliver a promotional product solutions that will pay off.

You can also just give me a call. I’m happy to offer my thoughts to help you make great choices, save time and budget. Let’s face it, we know that to you, the most important thing about promotional products is how well they work for your brand, and if we help you choose and create logo’d items that do just that, we leave a pretty good impression too.

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