How to Craft a True Brew Following

In case you haven’t noticed, micro-brews have been surging in popularity, and new local and regional craft breweries open almost daily. If you own or manage one of them, you are probably looking for ways to make yours stand out from the crowd. The answer? Promotional products, coming right up.

Your beer is terrific, of course; but so are many others, to be honest. And you’re going to need a little more than that to make your brewery the “go-to” in a steadily rising sea of suds. Promotional products help you accomplish that both on and off site.

Promo Products Work (Hard) Everywhere

Inside your establishment, promotional products help make the customer experience more memorable and unique Specially-chosen beer-tasting flights, coasters, and signage (even labels for your bottles) present your name, logo, message, and products “up close and personal.” They won’t forget where they had that great time and great beer.

Your logo on other promotional products can go home with them, to serve as an ever-present reminder to plan their next visit! Promotional products are valuable and effective in every business. But beer lovers also love to commemorate their experiences with themed mementos. Provide them!

There’s nearly no end to the list of promotional products that will build your brew and your brand. But here are some thought-starters.

  1. Growlers

An excellent choice, because it carries home your branding and your beer! Many styles are available, from traditional brown-glass-with-logo designs and contemporary stainless steel with vacuum-insulated liners. Various capacities are available, from the customary 64 ounces to smaller  “travel-mug” sizes.

  1. Pint Glasses

Put your branding where their mouth is. (Okay, “mouths are” is better grammar.) But pint glasses are among the most beloved items when it comes to brewery branding. Think about it. Your logo is in their hands, and your beer is inside. It’s a combination that can’t help but make a lasting impression. Use them as your in-house glassware, and a ready-to-take-home souvenir (with purchase or in gift shop).

  1. Tasting Flights

A great way to present an attractive first impression to first-time visitors and reinforce your image with regular customers. Choose from many different styles and configurations with a wide assortment of wood finish and pocket configuration options available. A classic, classy and memorable way to present your logo.

  1. Custom Tote Bags

Go almost anywhere these days, and you will encounter people carrying tote bags. Their convenience is hard to ignore, so they are among the most effective promotional items available. They have a “secret weapon” that is anything but secret: they present your logo and branding in just about the largest format you could ask for. And they “reach” so many more people because they are used daily.

  1. Promotional Apparel

Fact: consumers think craft breweries are “cool.” Thus, they are proud to wear garments that display an interesting name or logo, or one with which they feel a personal connection. Choices are virtually unlimited, from jackets and outerwear to custom polo shirts and T-shirts, hats and other accessories. The perfect way to provide a consistent look for employees, as well. You’re proud, and so are they. Wear it on your sleeve!

  1. Coasters

Great for under those pint glasses above. But a versatile promotional item for many reasons. Coasters show off your branding on the bar and tables throughout the establishment. But order plenty, because they are a popular collector’s item. Which means your brand remains top of mind as they enjoy your name and graphics as part of their home décor. Not expensive, but hard to beat for impact.

  1. Bottle Openers

Bottles are the natural habitat for a craft brew. Getting that cap off is a satisfying part of getting at the brew inside. So make your brewery or proprietary products a visible part of that experience with branded bottle openers. You will naturally want branded openers around your premises, but they are also inexpensive promotional items that customers can use and enjoy at home, as well.

  1. Labels

About those bottles…you should be just as proud of what’s on them as what’s in them. Celebrate your unique beers and their memorable names and graphics with quality labels. We offer labels designed to maintain their great looks as they withstand “sweating” and repeated handling. We even offer “hops labels“. We are experts at the right label, the right quality and with graphics that look their absolute best.

  1. Stickers and Patches

A popular but inexpensive promotional product option, stickers and patches help distribute your brand to more people and more places quickly. Give a sticker to each customer. Use a patch to participate in (or start one of) the “microbrew passport” programs in many communities that encourage people to try yours and similar craft breweries, growing the market and helping every brewer in it.

  1. Coolers

A great way to show off your “cool” brand. Particularly with summer coming on, people will be taking beverages along as they go on picnics, play golf, watch sporting events and more. Whether or not your products are inside or not, your brand can be visible on the outside.

And think of all the people who will see it at all those events I mentioned above. From small, personal coolers to larger tailgating sizes, they are a great option for promoting your brewery and its products. Use them as giveaways, outing prizes, or make them available in your merchandise shop.

Cheers – and How to Inspire Them

For even more promotional product ideas and how to use them, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve been helping make businesses more efficient for almost 100 years. Our ISO certification ensures the quality and consistency of our service. Plus, we’ve earned three consecutive Best of Print and Digital awards from our customer feedback.

We’ve got nearly 2,000 vendors in our network. With their proven quality and our expertise, promotional products will help power your success. Contact Superior today. We offer macro advantages to microbreweries.

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