Broad Perspectives to Help Build Your Business

Those who know me know I am very focused on our business. I’m proud of Superior Business Solutions as a “go-to” partner for managed print services and promotional items and want to keep it that way. But to manage a business successfully today, I believe you also need to look at a bigger picture and be aware of the factors impacting businesses and your employees in today’s competitive marketplace.

To help you do that, I’ve gathered together some helpful blogs that will benefit you and your business and included them below in no specific order. Some of the blogs below focus on technologies while others look at best practices. A number of them deal mostly with providing effective leadership—which should help all of you CEOs and managers out there.

  1. Chris Brogan’s Blog.

Chris is a respected business blogger and author and has been riding and guiding the wave of digital since its inception. His advice benefits businesses of all sizes (even small ones). And he frequently addresses the impact of new technologies and the importance of an effective digital footprint.

  1. Steve Farber’s “Extreme Leadership” Blog

Steve’s compelling writing style makes this one stand out. His storytelling style is engaging. And he sugarcoats nothing, encouraging businesses to confront real problems head-on. You do not want to miss out on Steve’s leadership advice.

  1. The Harvard Business Review Blog

I felt I had to include this as this is the “Cadillac” of business blogs. Harvard’s reputation for business acumen is clear in the insights delivered on important business issues. Leaders at companies of all sizes will find the information helpful, as will entrepreneurs and those involved with “start-ups.” This blog dives deeply into research and results and is always full of thought-provoking information.

  1. The Eblin Group Blog

Scott Eblin frequently talks about leadership on his blog. But rather than standard “advice”, Scott’s blog frequently presents interviews with notable business figures. The learning tends to come through the experiences of real business people telling their stories of success (and sometimes failure).

  1. Seth Godin’s Blog

Seth Godin is another very well-known business speaker and thought leader with 18 best-selling books to his credit. He is a leader in marketing and has a massive following on social media for a reason. The blog can be eclectic, ranging from inspirational words to very specific tips. But his greatest strength is “cutting to the chase” to help stressed business owners detect the real problem so that they can make progress solving it.

  1. Dan Rockwell’s “Leadership Freak” Blog

Posts on this blog are short, fun … and helpful. Most provide a lesson in being a better leader, but not in a stuffy or preachy way. Dan uses common cultural references and familiar situations to make points that are almost always well taken, and ‘ready to use’ in your business.

  1. Tanveer Naseer’s Blog

Tanveer is a widely respected Canadian business writer and speaker. His blog provides many lessons on leadership and business growth, but his favorite subject (one he believes strongly in) is the importance of listening and learning to being an effective leader.

  1. Lolly Daskal’s Blog

Lolly is the founder and CEO of “Lead from Within”, her proprietary leadership program. Her blog reflects that, with posts that tackle the challenges and individual stressors that come with being a leader. She presents topics in an engaging, to-the-point format that resonates with leaders who are feeling the pressures she describes.

  1. Lindsey Pollak’s Blog

Like many on this list, Lindsey is a respected writer and business coach. But unlike the others, she focuses on millennials and multi-generational workplaces. She has studied and knows well the unique tendencies and concerns of millennials, and the intricacies of weaving them into a traditional workplace. She knows her stuff—she chairs Cosmopolitan magazines Millennial Advisory Board.

  1. Entrepreneur Blog

Finally, this well-respected blog addresses topics of interest to those pioneering a new concept or starting an innovative new business. It contains “advice” posts on relevant topics. But it provides a healthy dose of inspiration, as well. It includes frequent stories about entrepreneurs that have come from unusual backgrounds or overcome dramatic challenges.

One More Blog to Check Out

While you are sampling the blogs on my list, why not add one more? Check out our blog and subscribe to it while you’re here. We believe that the topics we present—and even the products and services we occasionally feature from our own offerings—can help your business be more successful today. Sign up and see if you don’t agree!

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