Social media is continually growing and it’s very important that you add it into your marketing mix. It’s a great way for people to connect with you through whatever platform they use the most and it helps build relationships. Other benefits of going social are you can gain candid customer insight, gain exposure, and build your company’s reputation. You will want to incorporate social into your website, direct mail pieces and email campaigns.

Social Email Marketing CampaignsIn this post we are going to go over the best tips for making your email campaigns social. Below are 3 tips that are easy to incorporate social media into your email campaigns.

  1. Add social media icons in your header. You can find these on websites like flickr. And then add links the different icons that take them to your page on the correlating website. And if you have already done that then add sharing buttons to your newsletter, so people can share links to your newsletter on their various platforms. This is a great way to gain exposure!
  2. Make sure to be consistent and relevant. Do not automate the same post for each platform. Every platform has a different tone so make sure take that into account when writing similar post or sharing the same links. And do not over distribute your marketing content and make recipients feel overwhelmed by press releases. Find the balance for posting your own marketing content with helpful information from other sources.
  3. Promote specials or discounts that can only be attained by joining or participating on your company’s social platforms. Promote this via email and on all your social platforms. For example, fangate your Facebook page so that people have to “like” you page to get an exclusive offer.

A big part of social media is sharing, so make sure that your content is on point and relevant. People have to find a benefit in what they are reading in order to share it with others. Another important thing to make sure is done before you start putting links to your social platforms is that they are all filled out completely. Double check to make sure photos are sized correctly and there are no misspellings.  Have you incorporated social into your email marketing?

Photo courtesy of flickr

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