Have you sent out an email lately, but didn’t get the response rate you were hoping to receive? There can be many reasons why the email didn’t produce results you wanted, such as it got caught in spam, it didn’t have any value for the people receiving it or the wrong target audience received it. There are plenty of other things that could have gone wrong; it all just depends on the specific case. When preparing an email there are many aspects that must be taken into consideration. Below are 3 tips to creating emails that will definitely help deliver the results that you want.

Email Marketing

Create colorful headlines that are fascinating. You want to grab the readers attention immediately, so don’t fall into the trap of just relying on the header. The copy is just as important! Many people make the mistake of leaving the headline until last and just writing something quick that isn’t very creative. Definitely give your headline some thought because it’s the part that will get people to read the rest of your email.

Always have pictures in your emails. It has been proven that messages with images have higher readability than those without by eye-tracking lab studies that have measured how people visually interact with emails. Keep in mind that it’s just as important to find images even if you are selling more of a service than a product. People tend to emotionally connect with images more than words therefore they are more likely to read the content that goes with the image.

Leave some white space. Many times people feel compelled to fill every inch of the email with something, which is a big mistake. Send the reader something that is easy on the eyes and easy to follow. White space is a great way of breaking up content that may not flow perfectly together. It also keeps the email from looking overwhelming so people won’t just delete it after one glance.

What other tips would you add to create an email that delivers results?

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