Some of the most common problems that many of the companies  we work with tend to be they have systems that are too difficult to use. They have no way of seeing their overall spending and the buying experience across the board is not unified which leads to a lack of brand consistency. We here at  Superior Business Solutions have worked very hard to create the best possible solution for our clients.

Corporate Kiosk allows a distributed company to connect its ecosystem of end-users to procurement, and fulfillment services to optimize inventory and spend management efficiency for marketing, promotion, corporate identity, forms, labels, stationery, and other materials and supplies.” This makes doing business a lot more efficient and saves money. There are so many things that can be done using Corporate Kiosk which include:

  • Corporate KioskStreamlining the procurement process
  • Reducing administrative costs and monitoring spending
  • Ensuring compliance with corporate purchasing rules
  • Generating mass adoption driven by ease-of-use and a unified ordering experience
  • Integrating e-procurement with your existing ERP and other procurement systems
  • Providing greater transparency in administration and eliminating procurement cost differences between departments
  • Implementing paperless, eco-friendly procurement
  • Generating on-demand inventory, procurement, and spend reporting

As you can see the list is quiet robust. Many clients that we have worked with at Superior Business Solutions are very pleased with Corporate Kiosk. It has helped them save money, create brand consistency and save time. What management system are you currently using? And how satisfied are you?

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