An Easier Workday is a More Productive Workday

I saw an interesting article the other day about the newest version of iOS (the Apple operating system). It includes changes that make its “Do Not Disturb” feature more useful. New tweaks make it even more useful for helping us do important things, like focus more at the office, and get more sleep at home. Both help us to be not only more productive but happier!

We all have stressful days at work, with too many things on the list and too many demands to make a dent on that list. The classic “Willloughby” episode of The Twilight Zone shows a businessman feeling the effects of that stress. But many research studies (like this one from Scientific American) show that when we try too hard to do too many things without taking a break, we actually get less done.

Do Not Disturb = Do Not Distract

The “Do Not Disturb” feature in iOS12 now allows you to customize it more simply to do what you want it to do. You can shut “notifications” off easily, for short periods of time (like meetings) or longer intervals. (That includes things like bedtime, which I hope is a longer period for you.)

The change allows you to get much-needed (for physical and mental health) sleep, or to focus more effectively at a meeting, or on a specific task at hand. You’ll be less tempted to field calls, or “check on” little things here and there that break your train of thought. It will help you break that little “hold” your smartphone likely has over you.

Just Because it Interrupts Doesn’t Mean It’s Important

You can turn “Do Not Disturb” off manually, or at a time set in advance. It can also be set to turn off at the end of an event or when your location changes. Making this function more, well, “functional” is a bigger deal than you might think.

  • At work, it can help you focus on the most important matters you are facing. Devote time to the things that make the most difference, instead of just the most noise.
  • In meetings, you will be more productive and effective since you are paying more attention. Meetings will probably be shorter yet accomplish more. Both are great results.
  • At home, you will be better able to resist late-night (or middle-of-the-night) phone checks. Those things not only interrupt sleep but start you thinking, making it hard to get back to sleep.
  • Perhaps most important, key family times will be more rewarding, because you are fully present. When your daughter makes a great save for her volleyball team and looks to the stands, will she see your face beaming with pride, or looking down at your phone? Either way, she’ll remember it for years.

One Thing to Focus on Right Now

But, as that Scientific American article points out, while we often see the logic and intend to be more mindful, but seldom follow through. Maybe that’s because it’s hard to know what real specific steps to take. I can help there.

We can offer you several valuable ways to save time in your workday, getting more things done more efficiently, and earning back hours you can use on other tasks, or to make those critical mental breaks possible. We’ve been helping businesses dial up their efficiency for nearly 100 years now—maybe it’s time you took advantage of our expertise.

Our customers who already have voted us Best of Print and Digital for two consecutive years. And our ISO9001:2015 certification attests to the fact that our systems and procedures get consistent results. Contact Superior today, and those easier, more productive days at work will soon follow. It may not be Willoughby, but it will be wonderful.

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