Love Promotional Items? Thank a MiPPA Member!

Love Promotional Items? Thank a MiPPA Member!

Proud to Join the MiPPA Board! If you’re a regular reader, you know this space is rarely about me. It isn’t today, either, really; it’s about the power of promotional items. But I want to share the news that I’ve joined the Board of Directors of the Michigan...

Find Out How to Stop Wasting Money and Time On One-Off Printing

Is One-Off Printing Costing Your Business? One-Off Printing is Reinventing the Wheel! It’s bad enough that one-off printing projects call to mind that “reinventing the wheel” cliche, but it’s worse when you consider who has to do it. A...

How To Make Promotional Products Work for Your Target Market – Infographic

People are always asking me if promotional products actually work to increase awareness, leads and sales. After being in the industry all of my life, I can tell you emphatically that yes, indeed, promotional products can effectively market your brand by reaching your target market, increasing leads and sales…but you have to have a plan.

If you have multiple locations or many departments ordering promotional products, if you exhibit at a lot of trade shows or if you feel like you would like a better plan for your promotional product management, you are not alone.