Their Choice is YOUR Opportunity

I thought about giving this post a much simpler title: “Getting Paid.” Because today I’d like to follow up a bit on last week’s post, where I talked about giving customers a choice of receiving invoices and statements digitally or in printed form. Your statement processing services must accommodate the needs and preferences of your customers. After all, that’s the shortest distance between you and the revenue your business needs to function smoothly. You don’t want to lose customers or not get paid quickly.

A quick reminder about the “customer preference” part. According to research commissioned by Two Sides North America, 90% of U.S. consumers believe they should have the right to choose how they receive communications from financial organizations and service providers. So the question isn’t whether to give them that option, but finding the best way to do it so you don’t lose customers and get paid faster.

Statement Processing Services to Help You Keep Customers and Get Paid Faster

Today’s consumers are a diverse and demanding group, and your business needs to keep up. Active lifestyles and a variety of different electronic devices make for a divided attention span. That causes some to want access to information instantly, on any device they are using. For others, it creates a level of worry and anxiety that makes them want, more than ever, to receive information and handle transactions in a physical, printed format.

As a result, in order to retain customers and get paid faster, there are two factors critically important in your statement processing services: flexibility and security. Meeting (and maximizing) both objectives is a challenge. That’s where a partnership with Superior can help. We’ll help you keep customers by helping your business develop and manage a statement processing system. This system will allow your customers to choose print or digital document distribution. But you can also count on advanced security protocols and a level of efficiency that keeps revenue flowing in a timely fashion.

Flexibility: They Decide, You Deliver and Retain Customers and Get Paid

You’ve heard all the terms: millennials, baby boomers, gen-Xers and more. I’m not a label guy, and people in each group aren’t all the same. There are millennials that love newspapers. Likewise, there are computer-savvy seniors who could put a teen-aged gamer to shame. But if your customer base is broad, you have a lot of different opinions and preferences to deal with.

Working with our Digital Data Centers partner, Superior can help you create a statement processing system flexible enough to keep all those customers happy. They can choose mail, email, or online notification with e-processing. And when they do, they can take advantage of these other convenient features:

  • View all account information and activity (past and present) online
  • Pay online, or schedule online payments to be made at a future date
  • Make full or partial payments and include any necessary explanation in a comment box
  • Online and printed invoices and statements look the same, to avoid confusion
  • Move freely between getting account information and paying bills by mail, or through the online account

Security: Both You and Your Customers Can Rest Easy

Everyone talks about digital security these days. And rightly so. With the proliferation of electronic devices and information-sharing, many consumers are concerned with protecting their data and financial information. Consumers worry that in the rush to technology and convenience, attention to security may be slipping.

But good news: a statement processing plan that offers electronic documents adds no additional risk to security. The expertise of Superior and Digital Data Centers helps ensure that thorough and appropriate measures are taken to fully protect information; however, it is accessed, and through whatever vehicles payments are made.

  • User-ID and password authentication are required to begin any transaction.
  • “Tokenization” protects all customer credit card information. The data is stored in a “cyber vault” and only the last four digits of the card are visible to all involved.
  • Receipts and account histories can be called up at any time.
  • You can get complete reports from the system at any time. If desired, you can be informed of payments by the day, week, month or year for tracking and planning purposes.

A Partner That Helps You Retain Customers and Get Paid

At Superior, we understand print and digital. We recently earned our second consecutive Best of Print and Digital award, thanks to positive comments from our customers. Our ISO certification means that we have the right systems in place. We can help you create an invoicing and statement processing system that will help you retain customers and get paid.

Superior has been making businesses more efficient and profitable for nearly 100 years. Contact Superior today to see how you can retain customers by giving them a choice—and get your money faster.

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