Custom Pens and 12 Proven Promotional Marketing Wins; Part 2 of 2

In Tuesday’s post, I shared the first six of 12 great promotional marketing ideas for custom pens. I also introduced you to Hub Pen, one of our top outstanding custom pen suppliers. You’ll find pens to fit any promotional marketing purpose thanks to their incredible selection of quality writing products. Then you can add your creativity to generate exceptional results for your company.

The 12 ideas in this week’s posts are excellent examples of companies and organizations who have done just that. You’ll find many industries and business purposes represented. But in every case, they’ve used custom pens as part of unique and successful promotional marketing efforts. I promised to cover the final six promotional marketing ideas for custom pens today. So let’s get to it.

7. A Distribution Company

After an excellent sales year, a beverage company wanted to thank its distributors. It did so with a plan that was doubly effective. It gave each distributor a Vienna (item 628) metal pen with the company logo along with the name and city of the executive being honored. But they also gave each one a supply of pens to hand out to their customers. For this they chose the MaxGlide Stick® (item 335) imprinted with the logo and contact information personalized to that distributor. The idea was a big success. The distributors appreciated the recognition and the extra boost for their visibility and sales going forward.

8. Spas and Vacation Spots12 Proven Promotional Marketing Ideas for Custom Pens

A day spa wanted to ensure that its guests received exceptional treatments and wanted feedback on its services. They offered guests a coupon for a future visit as a thank you for completing a short post-treatment questionnaire. They also got to keep the pen they used to do so. It was the ultra-smooth Javalina Jewel™ (item 320) engraved with the spa’s VIP hotline and web address. By using it, guests received instant access to the spa’s concierge service for upcoming visits. It also gave them a frequent reminder of their positive experiences at the spa, helping to encourage more of those future bookings.

9. Financial Industry

Wishing to build awareness of its low mortgage rates, a local bank found a way to rise above competitive ad chatter. It sent a direct mailing to its target audience in the surrounding area. The package included a brochure on the rates and a Javalina® Classic (item 322) imprinted with its logo. The pens were also used at the branch and during closings. In the following months, new business and the number of approved loan applications increased.

10. Hospitality

On the maiden voyage of its third ship, a cruise line left a special commemorative gift in each stateroom. It was the Amesbury Photo Dome pen (item 982). The company’s full-color logo occupied the dome; the pen was also engraved with the ship’s name and the captain’s signature. It was presented in an elegant Deluxe Gift Box. This thoughtful and functional gift quickly became a desirable collector’s item.

11. Awards and Recognition

After receiving a prestigious award for maintaining quality while greatly increasing production capacity, a defense contractor wished to pass along thanks to their employees for their role in the accomplishment. They, too, chose the Amesbury Photo Dome pen (item 982). The pen’s dome carried the logo of the award won by the company. Each pen was personalized with the employee’s name, and carried a strong message that said a great deal: “Companies don’t succeed, people do.” But there’s no question this company succeeded with this choice of custom pen.

12. Fund Raiser/Door Prizes

Fundraisers can also raise awareness and fun! The organizers of one fundraiser added excitement by handing out pens and recommending that guests keep them handy since they were related to the door prize giveaway. They chose the Mardis Gras® Jubilee pen (item 412) for the purpose. Event attendees certainly did keep them handy – and used them for bidding on silent auction items throughout the event. At the end of the evening, they revealed the secret. The five people holding pink pens received major prizes, and the holder of the single purple pen won the grand prize. People kept the pens as mementos of the event and used them throughout the community. The result, of course, was a nice boost of awareness for the charitable cause, as its name and logo were imprinted on each pen.

What Role Can Custom Pens Play in Your Promotional Marketing?

There are many more examples than the 12 I’ve covered this week, of course. Give me a call and I’d be happy to share a few more. But let’s make sure that next time I write about this, your company’s success can be part of the story. Feel free to click on the catalog below and view all the custom pens from Hub Pen. Because of our relationship with Hub Pen, we are able to offer you special pricing on these amazing custom pens.

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