To Keep Your Business Growing, Keep It Simple with Print Management Solutions

Small businesses and “startups” dominate the news today. That’s a good thing. It’s exciting to see so many fresh ideas emerging and future hopes taking shape.

Funny thing happens in many of those energetic, growing businesses, though – and if you own or manage one of them, you’re probably already noticed it. As soon as the business takes off, you find that you have less and less time to spend doing that business, because you’re spending more and more time dealing with the logistics associated with it.  That entrepreneurial spirit suffers a bit as those details with things like print management take up much of the time you used to spend on the business itself.

Your Time Is Money

You’ve heard all the clichés. The owner of a growing business “wears many hats” or “burns the midnight oil.” But I believe the real secret to keeping the growing business successful is figuring out how to deal with that growth without micro-managing or feeling like you have to do everything yourself.

One answer is to hire good people, then trust them to do what you hired them to do. If you look over their shoulder every minute, you are not only undermining, them, but doubling your labor cost. But here’s another trick to help you not only cope with, but encourage growth: make smart business decisions that streamline your work flow and minimize the duplication of efforts.

Print Management = Better Results in Less Time

We can help you with that in a big way. As businesses grow, their need for printed materials typically grow, too. With more customers, the number of forms increases dramatically – from simple records and employee time sheets to invoices, marketing materials and more. The number and complexity increases even more dramatically if your enterprise opens new facilities in multiple locations.

Without print management, you wind up with irregular order and reorder procedures, with printing decisions being made on multiple fronts by inexperienced people who have plenty of other things to do. This not only takes time away from their usual duties, but can result in errors and varying levels of quality – and a great discrepancy in price – even in what should be an identical form, because it is being ordered by different people from different places.

Corporate Kiosk to the Rescue

We can help you avoid that problem and boost your growing business in several other ways with a selection of print management solutions.  Our Corporate Kiosk™ technology provides you with web-based e-procurement that lets you make available a pre-approved set of forms and other printed materials. You can then empower as many or as few people in your organization as you wish to order those forms as needed.

The result is no price or quality variance. Your corporate identity and standards are protected from sloppy or inconsistent presentations. Timely deliveries are made right on schedule. And your employees (and you) can devote your time to the business you love, instead of the details you dread.

Print Management Works for More Than Forms

Print management through Corporate Kiosk can make ordering easy, efficient, and nearly foolproof for a wide range of business forms, including stationery, business cards, promotional products and more. But it works equally well for labels and tags in all kinds of warehousing applications including RFID, safety, produce traceability and more. It can even help control and customize your direct mail, advertising and promotional materials.

Contact us today to see how your business can benefit from our print management solutions. The time and the money you’ll save will help your business grow even more.

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