A Smarter, Less Stressful Approach to Printing Needs

Control freak? If you manage a small or mid-sized business or play a key role in a larger one, you may feel you have to be these days. For many of us, the ever-faster pace of business today gives us the feeling that only we can see the big picture, and make the right decisions. The bad news is, there’s one area in which you’re probably not controlling things the way you should — print management.

But the good news is that it’s easy to fix that and propel your business forward in several ways. First, a solid print management relationship will reduce stress, by taking something off your plate with no downside. It will also save your business considerable money and valuable employee time. And finally, by controlling your print supply chain more effectively, you’ll actually improve the look and consistency of your print materials in the process.

How Print Management Gives You Control

Well, think about buying a car. Let’s look at two different scenarios:

  1. You’re out of town, you’re stranded and your car is totaled. You know nothing about the dealers in the area, but there is one still open. He only sells one model, and he knows you’re desperate. But you’re out of options.
  2. You’ve got plenty of time to think about it; no rush for the car. A long-time and trusted friend is a top car dealer. He knows you well and can get you a great deal on any car you want whenever you’re ready.

In which situation do you think you’ll fare the best? The answer is obvious. Without print management, your company is something like that first scenario every time you need a print project handled. It’s not your area of expertise, you can’t really identify the quality suppliers, and you’re starting from scratch every time.

It’s light years different with a solid print management partner. Much like the second scenario, you can make all the important decisions ahead of time. You have valuable expertise in your corner when it’s time to decide. The partnership gives you access to a broader range of sources. That means you can count on the best possible outcome at the lowest possible price, by taking advantage of market availabilities.

How Control Over Print Saves You Time and Money

Print management can equip you with tools that make a tangible difference on your bottom line. One of the most obvious benefits is in saving employee time (and stress) with automated technology solutions.

Our Corporate Kiosk™, for example, allows you to make smart decisions up front that eliminate guesswork and ensure compliance from your entire enterprise. Take forms that are reordered with some frequency by multiple units. You pre-approve the “right” version (and any necessary customizations) and decide which employees across your enterprise may access and order them through an online portal. No rogue orders and no valuable employee hours spent finding, recreating or sourcing those forms all over again. Your people will appreciate that, too. It’s not their expertise, or what you hired them to do.

It’s the proverbial “no-brainer” when you think about the benefits it brings and the potential negatives it prevents. And this is only the tip of the print management cost-savings iceberg.

Print Management Makes Life Better for You and Your Employees

Sometimes stepping out of your comfort zone is a good thing. But frankly, not when it comes time to create and print those important one-off collateral pieces or other promotional materials for your business. Chances are neither you nor your employees do it often enough to gain the expertise a solid print management partner can provide.

Superior’s e(c3) e-procurement system is a centralized sourcing platform that ensures your digital, litho and specialty print projects meet and exceed your expectations. Experience is critical here; we know what to look for and what to suggest in order to ‘plus” your project whenever possible, and ensure its successful conclusion.

It only makes sense for you and your employees to spend time on your core business, and entrust your print projects to us. Delivery print excellence is our core business. And when you factor in the time, money and stress you save by using our expertise, why wouldn’t you do it?

Get in Touch with Us and Gain Control of Your Printing

The results we’ve achieved for companies like yours make it a satisfying story to tell. Contact Superior today to hear more ideas and examples of the business benefits you are likely missing without a print management system.

Or feel free to talk to one of our experienced print sales reps. They can explain how many of their clients are already enjoying more savings and better results with print management. It may be a new concept for you. But it’s probably not to your competitors.

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