Saving Time and Money is Central to Commercial Printing Success

Is commercial printing important to your business? How many printed materials does your company use? Don’t forget all the documents, labels, tags, envelopes, routing slips, time sheets, W-2’s and a hundred other pieces you use internally. Now, add all the customer-facing pieces like order forms, invoices, and catalogs. Finally, top it off with marketing materials designed to win new customers.

Whew. That’s a lot of stuff to keep straight right? Oh, one more thing. Imagine you’re a company with multiple locations across the city, state, country or even world. And picture each of those offices trying to order, stock, and keep track of all those different printed items on their own. Can you relate?

Commercial Printing Is a Puzzle for Many Businesses

The fact is, most major businesses can relate because they face that situation. Is yours one of them? In industries like manufacturing, hospitality, healthcare and many others, the need to maintain a dependable print supply chain with consistent branding across all forms, with ease of accounting throughout all locations is a challenge.

Time to Improve Commercial Printing Productivity

We save companies a great deal of time and money by consulting with them to find ways to help them organize, standardize and automate their enterprise-wide printing needs. Our advanced Corporate Kiosk™ technology dramatically increases the efficiency of commercial printing.

Corporate Kiosk is an online portal that gives you, the manager, centralized control of the look and accuracy of all printed materials, yet permits any employee you authorize (in any office or location) to order those materials as needed.

The Benefits of Corporate Kiosk

  • Ensures consistent quality and accuracy.
  • Creates efficiencies in accounting.
  • Avoids duplication of effort.
  • Eliminates rogue purchases and cost variance.
  • Makes print supply chain monitoring easy.
  • Works equally well for printed promotional items.

Your Commercial Printing Resource

Superior Business Solutions offers advantages for your commercial printing that no other company can match, like:

  • a nationwide network of nearly 2,000 verified quality print suppliers to call upon
  • ISO 9001:2008 certification that indicates the quality of our products and processes
  • sales reps with over 400 years of combined print, promotional and marketing experience

Our business has been around for almost 100 years and we’re ready to start saving yours time and money on your commercial printing needs.

Reach out to me today, or contact one of our sales reps directly for a free print supply chain review.


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