With NY Bill 1185, Not Going Green with Your Packaging May Cost You Green…But Going Green Will Pay Dividends!

I want to use this post to call your attention to legislation currently working its way through the New York State Senate. New York Bill 1185 will essentially move the responsibility for the recycling of packaging to the producer of that packaging.

Any company involved in the packaging of a product had better pay attention.

“Green” packaging is nothing new, but many companies (and industries) have been slow to adopt it due to capital investment costs and production disruption for retooling. But smart companies will see this bill as the “writing on the wall” and take action now.

Helping the planet is an important reason. But others include minimizing the costs and disruption of doing it later when legislation like this kicks in.

The New York State Senate explains the reason for the bill this way:

“In order to prevent more waste from ending up in landfills, the recycling market must shift the end-of-life responsibility of these materials upstream to the producers by creating an extended producer responsibility (EPR)program for paper products and packaging materials.”

Will This Bill Affect Me?

If you are a producer of products sold in New York, clearly it will. And as similar laws are enacted across the country, they will likely touch every business and category. And the term “producer” is broadly defined; you aren’t likely to avoid it on a technicality.

The term as defined in the bill includes:

  • the person who manufactures the covered material or product under such person’s own name or brand and who sells or offers for sale the covered material or product in the state
  • the person who imports the covered material or product as the owner or licensee of a trademark or brand under which the covered material or product is sold or distributed in the state; or
  • the person or company that offers for sale, sells or distributes the covered material or product in the state.

How Will the New Process Work?

In short, the bill will require packaging producers to finance the recycling of paper products and packaging materials. They can do so individually, or by membership in an approved producer responsibility organization (PRO). No producer would be able to sell the designated materials unless they are covered by such a plan.

One of the prime goals is to relieve the burden recycling costs place on stressed municipalities, which typically must pass it on to taxpayers. It should result in modernized recycling facilities and an increase in “green” jobs.

But—and this is key—producers will also be rewarded for enhancing the recyclability of their items. So eco-friendly packaging will pay dividends. And one partner is uniquely qualified to help you prepare for a greener packaging future.

Superior Fills the Bill

Superior has long provided forward-looking guidance on packaging trends and advancements. In our nearly 100 years of helping businesses function more efficiently, we’ve been able to “see around corners” to help them prepare for and smoothly adapt to changes like this.

We have already assisted many customers in moving to half-clamshell packaging and eco-friendly labels as well as recycled and recyclable paper and stocks. And those are just a few of our eco-friendly packaging solutions.

When It Comes to Green, Superior is the Whole Package

Our proactive assistance is one reason satisfied customers have helped us earn five consecutive Best of Print and Digital awards. With their positive reviews of our performance (as reported to an objective research firm) were the only factor in our win.

We are proud to provide creative and talented customer service reps plus ISO certification, which is rare in the industry. That powerful combination is difficult to top.

Bills like New York State Senate S-1185 will likely gain momentum, But environmental responsibility doesn’t have to create a turbulent environment inside your company. There’s no reason to worry…or wait.

Contact your five-time award-winning Superior sales rep or reach out to Superior directly. Ask for help creating the perfect packaging that will make the smallest possible impact on the environment. And help give your business a “green” light toward an eco-friendly future.


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