Brand management is getting harder with all the online conversations going on 24/7. There are so many platforms and places people can go to share about brands and their experiences. And your brand image is being shaped by these people whom you have no control over. But it is not completely out of your hands. We know that many companies spend a lot of money and time on their branding, so we are going to cover 3 key elements to help mange your brand.

  1. online brand managementEngage on the social platforms where you are being talked about.You can’t control the conversation, but you can definitely chime in. If someone writes a negative comment about your brand, do not sit back and let it sit there. Address their issue gracefully. Do not talk to them from a corporate voice, humanize your voice and make yourself approachable.
  2. Do not deny a mistake. Do the right thing by admitting the mistake and present a solution. Denying or ignoring the issue will only make it worse and cause a larger problem for your brand in the long run. We are all human and mistakes happen. People are more likely to understand if you come to the table with some humility and honesty.
  3. Face the facts that social media is here and people are sharing their opinions within seconds now. Managing your brand is a must! You have spent a lot of time and money as I said before on your brand, so you need to give it the attention it deserves. And if you play properly it could lead to a lot exposure and new business.

We know that it is easy to push your online brand strategy to the side, but remember there are tons of things being said each day about your brand that are going unaddressed. The best suggestion I have is to break the strategy down into small sections and then tackle a section each week. This way you don’t get overwhelmed and continue to push the big strategy off. Do you have an online strategy?

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