RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) Tracks Well with Your Business Plan

I know I have a very diverse group of readers. Many of you are well aware of RFID and its benefits. Others may think it’s about delivering mail in farm country. But good news: I’m here to provide both groups with plenty of help with RFID. RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) just might suit your business perfectly.

If someone asked me to describe RFID in the shortest, simplest way possible, I might say “It’s like bar codes, but better.” Way better. In business, your success, or even survival, depends upon your ability to keep track of things. Materials. Products. Shipments. Deliveries. And a hundred others.

The better you can keep track of where your items are, in what quantities, and how they progress through production, the more money you make. That’s because that information, and using it wisely, impacts many aspects of your business. How much inventory you have to maintain, how many times you have to order supplies, and how much labor projects will require. Oh, and another very important one—how satisfied your customers will be.

What Does RFID Bring to the Table

Well, literally almost everything. Because RFID technology improves business efficiency everywhere from the factory floor to the grocery store checkout. From fenders for your Ford to strawberries for your cereal. And that makes everything less expensive and more convenient.

It’s the most efficient automatic identification technology available. Bar codes, for example, have limitations. Since they only work on line-of-sight principles, automatic bar code readers can’t see inside of boxes. You can track cases, perhaps, and flats and containers, but individual products remain “anonymous.”

In many industries and applications, you need to be far more precise than that. That means a heavy reliance on physical labor to open boxes, count and check individual products, etc. This extra handling, of course, slows things down and drives costs up.

RFID Adds Efficiency on the Fly

By using radio frequency instead of sight-scanning, RFID technology can deliver information about individual products inside each case or box. The information can then (unlike bar codes) be fed wirelessly to a wide range of web-based information systems.

That speeds the process, of course. But it also helps prevent errors, and you discover them more quickly when they do occur. Supply chain costs are decreased as the need for large inventories is reduced with improved tracking. Overall, logistics operations become simpler and more accurate. Even that grocery store checkout takes less time. Benefits to customers, whether they are moms or second-tier automotive suppliers, are very real.

We’re Here to Help with Your RFID

Our ability to help is very real, as well. We are ISO 9001:2015 certified, so our practices meet stringent standards. Our customers have spoken in helping us earn two consecutive Best of Print and Digital awards. And stay tuned in for some awesome news on our three-peat.

Stop back on Tuesday, too, when I’ll share some of the interesting ways companies are taking advantage of RFID technologies. It just might spur some creative ideas for yours.

We’ve been helping business work more efficiently for nearly 100 years. And we’ve done that with innovative thinking, exceptional service, and advanced technologies like RFID. Let us show you how to implement RFID in your business If you aren’t already using it—or how to use it better if you are. Contact Superior today to see how better tracking can keep you on track for greater success.

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