Improve Print Supply Chain Management and Improve Your Sales and Your Workday

A supply chain isn’t a fixed asset. It’s a dynamic system that is always subject to improvement. If your approach is “set it and forget it” then you might just be forgetting about an opportunity with your supply chain management to reduce expenses while improving sales and your workday.

Your print supply chain is a perfect example. If you are like many companies, you address printing projects in a variety of ways. You or your staff launch major projects in the main office. At the same time, different people in different departments or locations are responsible for getting  day-to-day materials printed. And they may have no particular experience with printing. As a result, the consistency or coordination of projects can suffer. What do you do about it?

Step 1: A Frank Discussion About Your Print Supply Chain Management

First, talk to your people directly about it, because that’s the best way to figure out what works, and what seems to create snags. Does accounting have the proper tools to track purchases accurately? Are employees spending valuable time on printing instead of other important tasks?

And perhaps most importantly, are the printed pieces themselves available when needed, and accessible from multiple locations, such as other offices or even “on the road”? Some things are probably in good shape, but an open conversation is sure to reveal areas ripe for improvement.

Step 2: Use Technology to Increase Efficiency and Lower Costs in Print Supply Chain Management

Once you know the areas that need help, call on the right technologies to address them.

First, if your print management supply chain is a hodgepodge of scattered responsibilities, you’ll be amazed at what Corporate Kiosk™ technology can do. Under your total control, people you designate can order the right forms online. No more duplicated effort. No more worries about errors or higher costs from “rogue” ordering. Efficiency is built into the system.

Second, on specialty printing projects,  you might worry that you won’t get the desired quality or the best price, given that it’s not your area of expertise. For those projects, we offer our E(c3) print management and e-procurement technology. This platform allows you to use our significant printing experience and a network of over 2,000 print vendors whom we trust to deliver quality.

You get the right price, thanks to competition, and the right product because our knowledge, ISO certification and almost 100 years in business ensures it.

Get a Print Supply Chain Audit

It’s simple: “the way you’ve always done it” isn’t the best route to profitable print supply chain management today. Find out how much a new approach could improve your business moving forward.

For legendary print supply chain management, contact us today and ask for a print supply chain audit.

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